Speak To The Glove? More Wearable Technology

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Remember when someone would give you the “call me” sign by putting their little finger and thumb up to their ear?  With the Bluetooth glove this is now a reality! 

Hi-Fun Bluetooth Gloves Let You Talk To The Hand | The Hearing

http://betterhearingblog.comMon, 04 Mar 2013 16:01:43 GMT

I remember being a child and watching the television show Get Smart and thinking how cool Agent 86’s (a.k.a. Maxwell Smart) gadgets were. The coolest thing Max could do was talk to Agent 99, The Chief or Hymie on his

 I am writing about this now because the gloves are available in stores including Amazon.  So many of the tech gagets are reported as news but often difficult to find. 

Is wearable tech the future of fashion? – Tech City News

http://news.google.comMon, 13 May 2013 10:30:16 GMT

Tech City NewsIs wearable tech the future of fashion?Tech City NewsThe trend for wearable devices is tipping and with companies such as Google and Apple (the iWatch) leading the charge it’s no surprise that big things are expected from this emerging …


The downside to wearable technology is that this technology makes it easier for us to be tracked.  Although companies say that tracking our buying habits helps them customize or package items for our personal purchases, some of us do not like having every move tracked and recorded somewhere.

Wearable Technology Lets Us Track Consumers’ Activity as Never Before – AdAge.com

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Business 2 CommunityWearable Technology Lets Us Track Consumers’ Activity as Never BeforeAdAge.comOnce a hallmark of science fiction, the human enhanced with mechanical superpowers is quickly becoming mainstream with the advent of wearable technology …


How does wearable technology impact fashion?  Are designers really incorporating this technology into their designs? 

The (Sudden) Impact of Wearable Technology | Fashion’s Collective

http://fashionscollective.comTue, 02 Apr 2013 05:00:58 GMT

For many of us, wearable technology is a highly futuristic concept, most alive in our imaginations as we think of what could one day be possible. For the luxury.






















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