Specializing In Making Bags?

bagsHello Andy,
I figured I would reach out to you after seeing the fabrics.net website and see if you may have any guidance for me.
For years I have been conjuring up designs in my head of certain types of bags that I myself want but cannot find anywhere. I won’t delve too much into the design details now but I am not a pro sewer and wonder how one might go about getting a certain design made by someone else. It seems that the projects in my head are more specialized than someone making clothing for example.
I guess my question is, is there a name for people that specialize in making bags? I would prefer to make these projects myself but feel I may need some help. I also really think it can be a nice side business for myself because I believe my ideas will sell!
I appreciate any advice that you can throw my way.
Many thanks,

Audra: Folks that make bags, are bag makers, designers, artisans and crafters.
If you want to make one for yourself, and cannot sew, visit a local tailor, seamstress or shoemaker. Maybe one of them can make what you dream of, or know someone that can.
If you have the time, plan on attending a wholesale Fashion Accessory, trade show.
Good Luck, Andy

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