Spots on Silk?

I have a 100% silk Michael Kors blouse, and I took it to the dry cleaners and after getting my shirt back I noticed spots all over my shirt also a big water ring. The dry cleaner owner said that on real silk spots appear after they have been dry cleaned. Is that possible? Please let me know your expert opinion.

Thank you!

By: Arpine Alaverdyan

One Response to “Spots on Silk?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Arpine,

    Did you use hair spray after you put your silk blouse on? Did you spray perfume on after you put your silk blouse on? Perfume or hair spray don’t show up until dry cleaned. Also rain drops may show up as stains when dry cleaning silk. With all of this said, ask your dry cleaner what you can do to remove the spots. If he/she has no ideas, try another dry cleaner.