Spray Paint On Cotton Shirts

Hi there,
I’m from Glasgow in Scotland and have an idea for a possible we money earner for the summer, but it all depends on one thing…. Whether or not there are spray paints that you can buy to spray on to cotton t-shirts that won’t wash out or fade too much when put through the wash?? I like using/making stencils to make designs that I spray paint over. It gives a really nice effect and I thought that people may be interested but then thought they probably wouldn’t be to happy if the design just washed off after a couple of washes??
I have used a brand of spray paint called “monster” which is great but I think it fades out a bit as well!
Do you know of any spray paints that are suitable for fabrics such as cotton???
Thanks for your time!

Dear Kern,
There are loads of fabric paints for your purposes and most can be mixed and put in a spray bottle. In addition, there is a product of spray-on fabric dye. Check out these resources:
www.dharmatrading.com (for everything having to do with fabric and color)
www.simplyspray.com (permanent spray on fabric dye, very easy to use, colors are mixable)
good luck and have fun!

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