Stained Garments From Washing With Dark Colors

I ‘used’ to have this beautiful canary yellow cotton jumper. The charm of it was this stunning bright yellow. I washed it with one dark item, but I also used different washing powder than usual. Sadly my beautiful yellow jumper has a grey tone to it now. Is there any way I could restore it to its original summer feel please. It would literally lift my mood, as it was my only garment that it ever used to lift my mood in such way and I dearly miss it…….Please help.

Hi Ania,
This is a tough problem. Some fabric stores sell a product for removing other dye form colored garments. I have not tried them directly so I can’t recommend them. Look for these items in large fabric and crafts store. Here is a page on removing washed-in color from white items:http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Coloring-Washed-in-to-Clothes I would not try bleach. My first test would be soaking and washing in OxiClean®. Do not put the jumper in the dryer until you are satisfied with its color.
good luck,

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