Grease Stains

My off white kitchen curtains were folded neatly on the kitchen counter waiting to be re-hung after washing. For some reason my husband took it upon himself to use the top folded panel to drain bacon on. Guess it was to far to reach to get a paper towel. At some point he must have realized these were my good curtains because he attempted to wash them. Needless to say the stain set very well. I sent them to my local laundry expert (mom) and the stain isn’t any better. Although the rest of the curtains look much brighter. The curtains are made out of cotton. Can I use Rit dye on them and make them a dark green for example to salvage them or will the stain still show through. Please no marital advice the damage occurred while he was making me breakfast in bed

Keep in mind that you will be undertaking an experiment. You might be able to dye the curtains to your satisfaction, maybe not. First thing: wash with Synthrapol, available at www.dharmatrading.com. This is a very concentrated detergent and degreaser that are used to prepare fabrics for dyeing. It’s possible that this will take out the stain. If that doesn’t work entirely, soak in OxiClean® and wash repeatedly with Synthrapol. If you still want to dye, get the reactive dyes from Dharma. You will also need soda ash and ordinary table salt. They have the full instructions on their website. Caveat, this will only work if your curtains are really all cotton and not a polyester blend.
good luck!

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