Stains in Jumper Suits

I came across your website when I went onto Google asking for information about Dying jumpers. I have a wash program on my very expensive Miele washing machine that has a hand wash woolen cycle but a number of my jumpers have developed stains on them which I cannot shift, (I have tried everything) I think these stains may be lime scale due to hard water even though I use anti lime scale powder. Other than throwing my jumpers away I thought I might try and dye them black – thinking that would be the easiest color to use as 3 jumpers are cream/beige and one jumper white / lilac. I bought a clothes dye from my local supermarket without reading the instructions until I got home and it seems that I can’t use this dye on the material of my jumpers which is -70 % rayon / 30% nylon each jumper. Are there any suggestions that you can give me for dying/camouflaging these stains so I can keep wearing my jumpers? Thank you in advance. Lillian UK

Hi Lillian,
Very best solution would be to send them to a dyeing service. Next best solution, go shopping at a resale shop and buy some new ones. Third, get a water softener, if you really suspect the water is the culprit. You can dye rayon with the reactive dyes (available at http://www.studios92.com/guide/garment_dyeing.htm – caveat, they ship very few places outside the U.S.), but black is hard to get in any event. Sorry, it’s not a simple solution here!

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