Stains In Wool Coats

I bought a wool coat a few months ago against my better judgment. The coat is a winter white/cream color and it is a wool pea coat. I, unfortunately, managed to spill coffee on it one morning on my way to work about two months ago. I took it to the dry cleaner and to my disappointment I got it back a week later with a $17 bill and a “stains not removable” note attached. I was thinking I could take it somewhere to have it died dark brown or even black. The inside of the coat is silk however. What’s your suggestion!? Elyse

I don’t know if the coat can be successfully dyed. You can consult with the dye houses that do individual garments. Check these out:
www.fabricdyeing.comwww.dyeproservices.com (this last one is in Canada)
All of these services are set up to work with you from a distance.
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