Stains on Charmeuse

I have a charmeuse slip dress that has the imprint of the hang tag on it when it was steamed. I have tried Grandmas Secret on it to remove the imprint. Not much luck. I do not want to rough up the material by rubbing it very hard. What do you recommend and what is a good all round stain remover for delicate fabrics? Thank you

By: Sallie

One Response to “Stains on Charmeuse”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Sallie,

    If I understand your question, you don’t really have a stain but a raised area where the hang tag was steamed which left an imprint of the tag. If your dress is hand wash according to the care instructions on the label, then wash with a mild shampoo, let dry and then steam on the wrong side of the fabric. If your dress is dry clean only then take it to a dry cleaners to have it cleaned.

    I went to Grandmas Secret web site and couldn’t tell what the ingredients are so it is difficult to guess how the spot cleaner affected the charmeuse. My preference would be to first remove the Grandmas Secret from the fabric then work on the imprint area.

    Hope this helps!