Stains On My White Cashmere Coat

I’ll be very appreciative of any help you can provide and I thank you for your time and expertise!
(1) My mother died about 12 years ago and I have a white cashmere coat that belonged to her. It had some light brown stains on the bottom and so I took it to a dry cleaner. Neither I or the drycleaner checked the pockets of the coat, which unfortunately contained a blue ballpoint ink pen. Now the coat has a 3-4 inch blue stain (the brown stains lightened a bit). Two drycleaners have since worked on the coat but the stains are still there–would it be possible to dye the coat back to white–or to some other uniform color? Can you recommend a company that would handle a special dye order (in the U.S. or Europe)?
(2) Can you also recommend how to re-blacken faded black linen pants?
Also, do you reply to the e-mails directly or should I periodically check the website?
Warm regards, Karen

Dear Karen,
Oh, goodness. What a shame and mess about the coat. My daughter, the queen of vintage, had (and probably still has) a similar cashmere coat. She would leave it in a faculty office when she wore it to school, not daring to stuff it into a mere locker.
Side note on vintage stuff like coats which aren’t perfect: I wear my stuff pretty much as is. I don’t totally trust any dry cleaner and if I can’t get it clean or repaired on my own steam, I usually just wear it and let it go like that. I have been known to wear some pretty distressed stuff at times, since after all that is one current style.
There are 3 possible resources for dyeing. All of them receive dyeing orders from all over the world. Start here with www.fabricdyeing.com and www.sampledyeing.org. Sherry Smilo at fabricdyeing.com is wonderful and will advise you further. She is located in northern California. Sampledyeing is in New Jersey. They have a large scale operation, and also take individual garments.
In London, you can go to Panny and Company. They only do a few colors, but black and dark blue are among them. here’s their link: http://www.studios92.com/guide/garment_dyeing.htm.
Now for your linen pants. I really like using the industrial dyes from www.dharmatrading.com to re-dye black stuff. They are inexpensive and very simple to use. Go to their website and search for industrial dyes. This will take you to the order page as well as the instructions. Wash black stuff with ivory snow liquid in order to avoid fading.
As you can see, Jessie forwards my responses to you right away!!
All the best,

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