Stains On Satin

I collect vintage evening gowns and just purchased this amazing 1950’s cream satin tea length gown with a white tulle train, it is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately the previous owner allowed it to sit for who knows how long with these orange stains, more like some type of liquid or sauce splattered on the front of it. I have attached several photos showing the stains. I am also concerned about staining the beads on the bodice if I am able to dye it. I have heard about coffee and tea staining as a gentle method of hiding stains. I hope that you can help with this. Thank you Sondra

Hi Sondra,
you are right, this dress is amazing! I also collect vintage clothes and 50s is one of my favorite eras. If this were my dress – well, a lot depends on the fiber content of the garment. Rayon can be dyed, similarly other natural fibers, including nylon. I think I would start with soaking the dress, as best you can, in OxiClean®. Sometimes the age/storage stains will come out with this method.
Keep in mind that all dyeing is a warm-to-hot water process. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101: http://www.fabrics.net./Dizzylettuce.asp. This will give you basic information on the process, etc.
I am not an expert on tea dyeing, which must be done with fairly warm water. All dyeing requires agitation. I work mainly with the reactive dyes (which will work on rayon) and the acid dyes (HOT water and nylon fabric). These, plus their required chemicals, are available at www.dharmatrading.com.
write back if you have more questions!!

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