Standard Tie Size

What does it mean when they say:
“The pinnacle of handcrafting is the seven-fold tie, which is cut from a single piece of fabric and then folded into itself seven times.”
Does this really mean that they start with a rather large piece of material and just fold it down to the “standard” tie size and shape? Or does the seven-fold refer to the manner in which the silk is woven to start with? Can you have seven-fold silk or only a seven-fold silk tie? Richard

Dear Richard: Sorry, I never heard the term Seven Fold Silk, before receiving your email. We are passing your question, on to Judith. She may have the answer. Good Luck, Andy
Richard, I have not heard about the Seven Fold Silk ties, however, ties are normally constructed so the fabric is folded in on itself at least twice, the seven fold silk could include more layers of silk.

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