Start Making Cloths

sewingI want to start making clothes (caftans, wrap arounds, cardigans) but I realized I don’t know the first thing about buying fabric!
I’m trying to buy bulk online, but it’s so hard to determine whether these fabrics are suitable for clothing or not. Could you give me a few tips for what I should look for in order to know which fabrics are right for me?
– Thanks

Ahlaam: First, I’d suggest, you visit the U.S. Government web site at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.”> www.ftc.gov and determine what standards your fabrics must meet. Each piece of apparel, must meet standards, especially as related to flammability.
Second, plan to attend several, wholesale, fabric trade shows. Visit www.fabricshow.com , and www.textileshows.com, to register to attend. Spend time with the exhibitors that display fabrics that you want. Talk to them about bulk purchases. Explain to them the end uses. Ask lots of questions.
Good Luck,

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