Starting Up Clothing Business

cloth business

Hi Andy!
I have been in the fabric and clothing business myself for a little while and then stopped. I now have a big inventory that I would like to sell as well as selling fabrics to small boutiques in the US where they quilt or make crafts or still make clothing. I am right now writing my business plan and need to get it done by December 1st and I am struggling…! The market seems to be hard in clothing, but I get the sense that there is something to be done. Could you please help me with your professional advices?
Thanks in advance

Josee: Sorry we missed your Dec.1 deadline.
There are many ways to start, but I think that opening a Web site, would be a great beginning. You have all of the exposure, but none of the expense of opening a brick and mortar retail store. Google the fabrics you want to sell and see where the market is. You want to be competitive, but don’t want to give it away either. Use eBay for a few items, and see how that goes.
Good Luck.

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