Stitch Length, Seam Finishes And More

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The questions we are receiving from our customers require more than verbal descriptions.  Instead of making videos or step by step photos to demonstrate the techniques, I have located many excellent tutorials on the internet.  To read the full article please click on the underlined title.

On unlined garments, seam finishes prevent raveling and can add special touches. Sergers are nice but not necessary and in some cases a serged seam will show through to the right side.

Seven Lovely Things: Hong Kong Seam Finish Tutorial

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I actually used these seam finishes on the dress I am working with now (I am almost done with it, just need the hem and some embellishments) For me, sewing has a set of “rules” and I like to follow them. My top 3 Rules For

Excellent instructional video on Hong Kong and faux flat felled seams plus fancy additions from a Designer:  How To Sew Posh Seam Finishes Lesson with Ron Collins

Ron Collins demonstrates 3 of his posh seam finishes – Hong Kong, flat felled and inside seams — all of which you can do on your sewing machine. http://www….

Many of the newer machines have fancy embroidery stitches and seam finishes.  This article may take the confusion away for you: 

Sewn Seam Finishes » Woodrow Handcrafts

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Have you ever wondered what all of those stitches on your sewing machine are used for? Some are used for construction and others are used for finishing and…


Do you ever wonder what stitch length you should use for each fabric or garment? I learned many, many years ago that the smaller stitch length worked better for me so for the past 50 years the stitch length I have used is approximately 8 – 10 stitches per inch which is number 2 on the stitch dial.  The vintage sewing machines had the stitch setting according to the number of stitches per inch  This writer has done a helpful comparison between the number stitch dial and stitches per inch: 

Stitch Length on Vintage and Modern Sewing Machines

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Occasionally I need to know a vintage sewing machine’s stitch length compared to a modern machine’s. I’ve not found much information on it, so I sat down with a couple of sewing machines and tried to figure it out for myself

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Ease stitch length is not the same as a gathering stitch length.  Gathering is 4 to 4.5 on the stitch dial and is usually done by stitching two rows.  Easing stitch length is 3 to 3.5 on the stitch dial with only one row of stitching.   



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