Stop! Don’t throw that stained shirt away!

Stop, don’t throw that stained shirt away!  Try soaking the shirt in Biz first.  Have you ever washed a shirt and put it in the dryer before checking to see if the stains had washed out?  Stains that aren’t removed in the wash are further set in the dryer.  Don’t throw the shirt away, try soaking in Biz detergent.  Biz is an enzyme detergent that breaks down the protein stains like blood and grass as well as starch based stains most commonly found in food.  More about enzymes at The American Cleaning Institute. 

Do you have trouble removing odors from your laundry?  Biz removes the substances causing the odors and thus removes the odors.  I have had people in performance sports write me asking how to remove body odors in their performance clothing.  I always suggest Biz and they write back that it works!  Many fabrics cannot be bleached with either chlorine or oxygen bleaches.

I have Polartec blankets for my dogs (See “A Feel Good Manufacturer”)  My dogs are wonderful but they can be stinky and their blankets smell just like they do.  Polartec fleece cannot be bleached by chlorine or oxygen bleach but Biz removes the odor.  Last year my dogs played with a skunk then wiped their faces on their blankets.  Yes, Biz removed the skunk odor from the blankets, thankfully!

Oxyclean can do many things but  can also remove color.  Chlorine bleach can be harsh on fabrics as seen by the chlorine bleach experiment in the article “Mystery Fabric Identification Part II”.

I have a friend who colors her red hair at home but the last time she did, she spilled some permanent hair color on her bra and blouse.  She used a towel to clean the mess and decided that instead of throwing the bra, shirt and towel away, she would try Biz and it removed permanent hair color!

Now that Biz comes in liquid I am going to put some in a spray bottle for pretreating stains before washing.  I haven’t found any warnings about any fabrics or fibers not recommended to use with Biz but one section of the Biz Stain Fighter web site recommends always doing a color test before using Biz.  I rarely wash my wool garments and for my silk garments I use the same shampoo that I use to clean the silk garments.

For more ideas on ways to use Biz to make cleaning easier, go to Biz Stainfighter.  Don’t miss the stories of how people are using Biz in the Kitchen to remove baked on food.  I love it when products perform as advertised!



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