Stop The Color From Rubbing Off

Dear Jennifer:
On a recent trip to Mexico I purchased two red pillow covers made from a combination of embroidered pieces of old/older huipiles (a type of dress worn by indigenous women in southern Mexico) and another indigenous fabric (I think it’s cotton) . While unpacking upon my return home, I found, to my dismay that the dye had rubbed off on my clothes. Is there any way to solve this problem so that I can use the covers on the pillows on my sofa? Thanks for your help. Carla

Dear Carla,
This is a tough situation, but here are some things to try. Go to www.dharmatrading.com and get 2 products: dharma color fixative and Synthrapol. First, wash the pieces in warm water in the machine (gentle) with Synthrapol. This will take out excess dye and prevent the dye from bleeding through the piece. If necessary, clean the inside of your washer with 409 or a similar kind of liquid cleaner. Next, treat with color fixative according to instructions. I don’t know how it will come out, but it’s your best shot.
good luck,

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