Suede and Fur Coat

coatHi Jennifer –
I have a gorgeous suede coat that I want to dye black. Currently the suede is a neutral tan color. It has white acrylic fur inside and all around the collar.
My first initial thought was – no problem! I will just get some Rit Dye from the store, brush it on the suede, let it dry and off I go! A black coat with white fur!! But now I am worried.
Here are my questions.
1) Will Rit dye be acceptable for suede?
2) You can’t wash suede, and they say you are supposed to wash out the dye. What am I supposed to do about that?
3) If I can’t wash it out, will it stand up on it’s own after it dries (so to speak)? And will it stink of dye? If the answers are yes, will all that fade over time?
4) Should I just say forget it and take it to a professional? Where are they in the Los Angeles Valley area?
Thank you so much for your help – hope to hear from you very soon!!
~Ms. Davee Hallinan

Hi Davee,
You can’t do this yourself. Consult with Coronet Leather in Denver: www.coronetleather.com. They have customers from all over the world.
Happy Holidays!

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