Suede Silk washed?

I have a bathrobe made of 100% silk but the material is like a heavy supple suede silk. I washed it the other day and it has lost its shine and luster from when i first got it. Is there any way to restore it?

By: Joseph

One Response to “Suede Silk washed?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Joseph,

    I always have to ask what the care label on your robe stated.

    The change in the fabric may have been caused by the type of detergent you used or perhaps all of the detergent wasn’t totally rinsed out. Try washing it again without any detergent or soap then put it in the clothes dryer for 5 minutes or so on very low heat and include a bath towel. This may soften the fabric. Please let us know how this works for you.