Suede Thats Sunfaded

Hi Jennifer,
I took a chance on buying a washable suede jacket that was either sun faded or just dirty in a few spots. After washing it, I now know that it’s a case of fading. It’s a grey blue, close to the look of faded jeans. Can I dye it at home? Thanks for any help!

Dear Mari,
I am assuming that your washable suede piece is ultrasuede, which is polyester. You cannot dye this fabric. However, if you are interested in taking on an art project, you could make something really interesting with fabric paints and dyes, sponging, painting, stamping, etc. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and read over all their fabric dyes and paints. Look in the back for their books on fabric art. Or you can go to a big newsstand and look for magazines on stamp art, wearable art, etc. You’ll see loads of ideas.
You might have stumbled on to a really fabulous creative career!
have fun,

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