Sun Damaged Chair

Hi Jennifer, I came across your website in search of professional fabric dyes and was very happy to see your advice column. I just bought a used modern sofa chair/chaise whose fabric appears to have been lightened by the sun, or maybe just natural fading. I loved the shape of the chair so I figured I would dye it and then if it didn’t work out, I could reupholster it. Now that I’m actually looking at dyes though, I have no idea what type to use on the fabric of the chair (which is all removable). It feels like the dark purple/blue color fabric is either cotton or a cotton blend (unfortunately, it doesn’t say but the fabric does have lots of cross/square stitching throughout). I’ve checked out dharmatrading.com but am unsure whether this would require an industrial dye, their reactive Procion dyes or something else. Before I make the plunge, any advice on what type of dye may work well? Should I just send the fabric out to a professional dyer? Many thanks for any advice you can provide, Ana

Dear Ana,
It really all depends on the fiber content of the cover. If it is all cotton, it could be over-dyed or re-dyed a related color. If it is half polyester, it will take dye at half-strength. See if you can find someone in your community who can assess the fiber content, either by feel or by the burn test. Once you have completed that step, and you are ready to go to the next step — if you can easily get the cover in your washing machine, you could try dyeing it yourself. If it’s bigger than that, you can send it to Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com.
good luck!!

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