Sun Faded Material

Hi Jennifer
We’re from the UK.
We found your website browsing on the net and I am wondering if you can help us.
We have a Mamas and Papas (Peg Pegerro in US) pram in excellent condition apart from the hood which is badly sun faded. The original color is a very dark, probably charcoal grey.
We don’t want to wash it in a washing machine as this will destroy the trim pattern, we were hoping instead to kind of hand spray or paint it with a dye. The exact color would be ideal, but failing this just being able to darken it and remove the brown shades would be better than nothing.
Hope you can offer good advice
Scott and Debz

Dear Debz,
I really don’t know what will happen with your pram cover, but you could try using the spray-on textile dyes at www.simplyspray.com. Check it out and see if they have a color that pleases you. Pram fabrics are usually nylon coated CORDURA┬«┬« – or it could be a cotton canvas treated with some kind of waterproofing. I don’t have any idea if the SimplySpray dyes will stick to what you have there.
Another alternative is to paint on or dip the cover in an airbrush ink. This stuff has to be heat-set, either with an iron, a really hot hair dryer, or in the tumble dryer. You can get the supplies for this at www.dharmatrading.com. Again, it might stick, it might not.
Check out these alternatives and see if you can come up with something that you think is worth the experiment!

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