Suppliers With Nylon Loop

nylonI am currently designing a toy for children which uses loop nylon – a smooth, soft Velcro. The toy forms part of a children’s duvet cover and I am trying to determine the washing restrictions of the material, or find a suitable supplier which would know.
I have been using loop nylon supplied from an exhibition stand supplier to create prototypes. Exhibition stands aren’t, of course, meant to be washed and so the material only has a non-durable flame retardant on it, which will wash out. This material does get used on toys but I have been struggling to track down a supplier for this purpose. Do you know the washing limitations of such a material? or Do you know of a supplier of loop nylon for plush toys?
Any help or advice you could give would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks, Andrew

Andrew: First, I’d got to the Source: www.velcro.com.
There are lots of other suppliers of this item now. Some of them, may meet your needs.
Also visit www.alibaba.com for a list of suppliers from China.
The suppliers should have all the answers for you. If not, find another supplier.
Good Luck.

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