T.I.P.S On Denim Lightening

hey there, how are you doing
I was wondering if you could give me some tips for denim… on how to make a lighter wash on them, the vintage look is what I am going for. how can I do this? and is it possible with household items?? and what do u think is that best method to put holes in jeans? please write back, thanks for your time – *queen deep

Dear Queen,
Carson Kressley recommends washing denim with rock salt to distress. I recommend about 2-3 cups per small load. Use detergent as well. Don’t put any other garments in the washer at the same time. You can also visit www.ritdye.com – they have a feature on “antiquing” using Rit. As for the holes – I suggest that you start small and then wash a few times. You can always make a hole bigger if you want. Cut a slash only, not a round hole. Remember this is all an experiment, so don’t be too attached to an exact outcome.
have fun,

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