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Mystery Fabric Identification Part II

Cesar has a fabric that he wants to identify.  When he burnt a small swatch he said it smelled like burning hair.   When held up to a light source, the fabric shows the light and also a woven pattern.  Further description can be seen at Mystery Fabric – Gazar?   The last test was soaking a swatch 2.5 by 3 cm in chlorine bleach.  After 6 hours: As the above photo shows, the hair that remains appears to be horsehair.  After 20 yours soaking in chlorine bleach: When I saw the first photos, I had remembered a fabric from many years ago that reminded me of this mystery fabric but didn’t want to say anything until after the chlorine experiment.  My guess is that this is hair canvas which is an interfacing used in men’s and women’s garments. The first clue was the burning hair odor when you burnt both the weft and warp.  The last clue was the chlorine bleach which dissolves animal hair. Although Cesar wasn’t totally convinced because the hair canvas on the market today is tan, I can’t think of another fabric that has horsehair in the weave. Enjoy! Judith Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.    

Where can i find a bleach resistant cotton drill material?

Hi, I’m on the absolute hunt for a cotton drill fabric that has been pre dipped in a non reactive dye, to make the fabric bleach resistant. I’m aware that companies do this for towel companies to make towels bleach resistant. Does anyone know where I could get fabric that has already been treated and then made into cotton drill? Any help would be amazing By: donna

Can you bleach and spot-dye a plush toy?

I want to get a plushy Australian Shepherd that I can make into the colors of my pet dog, an australian shepherd dalmation mix. Think long hair but with spots. Since there are no pure white stuffed ones, I was wondering, is there a safe way to make it pure white, and then carefully dye on the spots? What sorts of bleach or dye should I use? Thanks! By: Claire

To Bleach or Not To Bleach, What Was The Question?

Image via Flickr In the last 3 days Fabrics.net has received stories about laundry disasters and pleas to help.  The good news is that these disasters could have been prevented, the bad news is that chlorine bleach stains cannot be fixed.  Dyeing the bleached area doesn’t work because the damaged area will always be lighter.  Also the damaged area will, over time, become a hole. There are several very good articles on other web sites like Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy which rates various cleaning products:  Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy http://livinghealthynhappy.com/Feb 11 Bleach Chlorine Bleach and Chlorine-free/bleach alternatives. Both kinds of bleach are harmful in that they are corrosive and irritating, but “chlorine bleach” releases harmful chlorine gas and users have a higher risk of developing asthma and other respiratory problems. Excellent advice from The Art of Manliness blog:  How to Remove Common Clothing Stains | The Art of Manliness http://www.artofmanliness.com3/29/13 Chlorine Bleaches: A harsh, last-ditch remedy. Use with caution. Can damage fabric and discolor non-white cloth. Always test a small, hidden area first, and only if the tag does not say “No Bleach” or “Chlorine Free” on it. More laundry disaster stories and some clever fixes can be found at ThriftyFun:Preventing Bleach Stains On Clothing | ThriftyFun http://www.thriftyfun.com1/8/13 RE: Preventing and Repairing Bleach Stains on Clothing, 02/28/2006. I think you should start using a non–chlorine bleach, then you won’t have the problem. By WIsgal. RE: Preventing and Repairing Bleach Stains on Clothing … Other helpful hints: -More is not necessarily better.  Too much laundry detergent just leaves deposits on your garments. –Cold water detergents should be used when using cold water in washing machines unless the detergent is a liquid.  Powdered detergents may not all dissolve in cold water. -Always read the label on both the garment and the cleaning product.  You may think you know what the labels say but making sure you remember may save you from disasters. -Hydrogen Peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach but adding water to hydrogen peroxide will not make a non-chlorine bleach for the laundry. -Chlorine bleach that has not been diluted with water WILL damage fibers.  Although using chlorine bleach for art projects is fun and produces interesting art, the bleached areas will eventually turn into holes.    If you have any disaster stories to share please email them to me.  I promise I won’t publish your email address. Judith@fabrics.net

Bad NANA – Teddy Bear Dyed Help!

I washed a baby blanket that my grandson came hom from the hospital in. It is white plush and I washed it with the whites and BLEACH. The blanket has an edge around it with colored shapes. In the corner WAS as brown monkey. Now, he is green of color. The monkey tail and thick outer edge is stitching like applica feel. The monkey’s face is plush tan. The monkey’s eyes, mouth and nose are sienna now, and I think they too were dark brown and stitching also. Can he be dyed back to brown or do I need to plan on sleeping in the “dog house” forever?……I feel super sad and my daughter is mad. By: Carrie

Bleaching sheers

I would like to lighten the very deep purple sheers I have. Can I simply bleach them?

bleach stain/ coduroy pants

I have a cotton ( I think) black dress that has bleach stain on the back of it not very big but big enough that I can wear the dress w/o wearing a jacket or sweater with it, I was thinking using black dye to dye the dress as it is faded and hopefully cover the bleach stain, will the dye take to the bleach stain? I also have a pair of cream corduroy pant that have been stained from being washed w/ blue jeans I was thinking of dying those brown or back to cream, but not sure if you can dye corduroy or not, also is there a specific type of dye I should use for the dress or the pants?   Thanks By: Nikki