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Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse

Sand washed Charmeuse has  the shiny side abraded to tone down the sheen and make it more subtle, which makes it even more buttery soft than satin. Related references: VENICE – Swoon Dresses swoondress.com3/28/12 One-shoulder dress with knee length slim skirt. Can be worn with or without detachable tie at shoulder. For additional color options, click here. Sizes: XS-XXXL For sizing info, click here. 100% Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse; Dry Clean only … Hale Bob Stretch Silk Charmeuse Dress Green Apparel edpricezone.free-bsd.org12/2/11 Sand washed stretch silk charmeuse beaded neck top Black Material Silk. Read reviews and … Lounge Moonstruck Front Sequin Rayon Slub Jersey Top with Flocked Sand Washed Stretch Silk Charmeuse Back. Signature …

Stretch Silk Charmeuse Fabric

Previoulsy we have discussed the different types of charmeuse silk fabric. One of them is stretch silk charmeuse. Let us take a closer look to this luxurious fabric. This type of fabric is excellent for slinky evening wear, dresses and lingerie. It has the same softness and luster of charmeuse fabric but with added spandex material for stretch. The material also allows for garments to be cut slightly smaller to hug curves and allow for maximum flexibility. Most often this fabric is made of 95% silk and 5% spandex. Like most hybrid fabrics, it is recommended that you dry clean as part of fabric care.

Types of Silk Charmeuse

There are several types of silk charmeuse. Some of them may look exactly the same at first glance but upon thorough inspection, you can see the difference. Image via Flickr Image via Flickr Crepe Back Silk Satin.  The face of this gorgeous silk fabric is shiny while its crepe back fabric is ribbed with a soft pebble-like texture. The fabric is medium in weight and has a high sheen, similar to charmeuse, only heavier and more luxurious. Each side offers a distinctive look and can be mixed and matched within the same garment to create a visually interesting appearance. Silk crepe back satin feels simply divine and is milled from only the finest silk. Stretch Silk Charmeuse has the same sheen and softness but with a 5% addition of spandex to make it a little stretchy and even more comfortable for clothing. Sand washed Charmeuse has the shiny side abraded to tone down the sheen and make it more subtle, which makes it even more buttery soft than satin.   Having learned this, you should be able to distinguished the types of silk charmeuse and use it according to what fabric you need.

Silk Charmeuse Dresses

We have collected below dresses by top designers which material uses silk charmeuse. Fuschia One Shoulder Dress in Silk Charmeuse One shoulder dress in fuschia silk charmeuse with side jabot flounce. This item can be customized in our store. Visit our blog at geracicondello.blogspot.com to see more styles. 7 For All Mankind Silk Charmeuse Draped Dress 7744183 www.zappos.com Product Description: # Illuminate the night in a drapey silk dress from 7 For All Mankind™. # An astral print dazzles on the silk charmeuse mini dress. # Pleats fall from the neckline for a divine drape. # Solid leather inset on the wi…

Silk Charmeuse vs Silk

If you are wanting a luxurious blouse or dress but confused over the fabric that you want to go along with, like say between silk charmeuse or plain silk, we will help you sort out your choice. Silk Charmeuse Fabrics are elegant, lightweight satin with a crepe back that has incredible fluidity. Ideal for blouses, bias cut dresses, lining bridal gowns, lingerie. With floaty appearance, charmeuse drapes well and is used in many formal dresses. Synthetic fibers such as polyester and acetate are seen in satin weaves.  Polyester charmeuse is also available and imitates silk charmeuse although less expensive and doesn’t have the drape that silk charmeuse has. Both fabrics silk charmeuse and polyester charmeuse have the same glossy surface with a dull back. Image via Flickr Image via Flickr Between the two, silk charmeuse is the most expensive. Top designers use this type of fabric for gowns used by celebrities in the red carpet. In the picture below, notice the difference between the drape and the appearance between the two silks. Although both look luxurious and glossy, the image on the left (pink dress) drapes better that the image on the right (white ball gown dress). If you are wanting a silk fabric for your gown, the type of silk to use depends on the design that you want. If you want more drape and more elegance, it is better to use a silk charmeuse over a polyester charmeuse but for a less pricey material, opt for polyester charmeuse.

Fabric FAQs: Silk Charmeuse

Silk Charmeuse definition: This fabric is lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, where the warp threads cross over three or more of the backing (weft) threads. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish—lustrous and reflective—whereas the back has a dull finish. Price: Expensive. Ladieswear suitable cut: Lingerie. Luxurious gowns.  Lined bias cut dresses. Lining bridal gowns. Menswear: Lining of jackets and slacks, handkerchiefs, ties, and underwear such as charmeuse boxer shorts. Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is highly recommended. If not possible, use mild detergent. Samples of silk charmeuse designs: Image via Flickr Image via Flickr Image via Flickr

Silk Charmeuse in Action

Silk charmeuse is one of the best fabrics you can use for a dress. It perfectly fits the body without being tight and enhances your curves. Here are some videos to see the actual dress made using silk charmeuse. Wondermaid silk charmeuse flowered peach nightgown While I never actually wore this one, is was just too beautiful for me to ignore. It is a size 2, and I think it’s a work of art. gigi Madame Gres’ Charmeuse Chemise with Chiffon Lacing 20313 Madame Gres’ Charmeuse Chemise with Chiffon Lacing 20313 gigi’s Madame Gres’ Charmeuse Chemise with Chiffon Lacing. Timeless bias silk cut chemise drapes and forms to the body without being tight.  The bodice is fully lin…