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Help Choosing Best Fabric?

Hi, I am trying to source a very strong, durable, washable fabric to make straps with. However I am at a loss as to which fabric is best suited for this and would really appreciate any help. I originally looked at cotton duck but the coulours and paterns are very limited and I wish to you it for childrens products. Many thanks A. McCrory     By: Audrey McCrory

Cotton fabric(s) for active wear

I like to make my own active wear using a comfortable & flexible cotton fabric(s).  I have a debilitated autoimmune disease where my skin is sensitive to regular tight fitting sport & active wear like Lulu Lemon, Nike or other major brands. It actually hurt and cause uncomfortness during a workout.  I love cotton clothing that are breathable and flexible enough for my very active life.  Please advice, thank you. By: Bridget

Best, softest and most comfortable fabric / Cotton to paint original painting on and with what type of piant?

Hi, we have an art project and would like to paint original paintings ( wild, expressionist..) on the softest, coolest, most comfortable, non elastic, white ( cotton ) fabric. What kind of fabric would you suggest ( Swiss or Egyptian cotton maybe ) or some different kind of fabric ? Oh and yes, we found acrylic paint to paint on cotton that is washable but maybe you know of some special kind or branch of paint that one could use to make wild strikes with brushes on the fabric and that could be treated in a way to become permanent, even if washed. Thank you kindly, Eric-Jan. By: Eric-Jan Harmsen

The difference between Ralph Lauren T Shirts and Hanes T Shirts?

Hi! I’m going to try to be opening up my own clothing line soon and was wondering something..When I look at Polo Ralph Lauren’s T shirts, they say they are 100% cotton. I look at a Hanes T shirt and it says 100% cotton also. When I wear either shirt, I can totally tell a differnce though. The Ralph Lauren shirt is much more comfortable, softer, and just of higher quality than the Hanes T shirt. Do you know why this is? By: Tom Kuegler

Dyeing Patterned Cotton Jacket Spandex 2%?

Hi dear Jennifer, I have read your 101 blog and found it very helpful. I just purchased a jacket cotton fabric 98% spandex 2% (not a knit fabric) with a very distinctive print pattern on it that I want to ‘overdye’ to dim down the print/colours a bit. The wash/care instructions on the jacket say “machine wash cold water with like colours only, non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low, warm iron as needed”. The pattern is just a bit too fluoro orange for me. Its multicoloured repeated circular pattern in fluorescent orange, pale apricot and dark brown and pale taupe (pale greyish camel colour) , all on a white background. There is not a lot of white showing through, but the 2nd main background is the taupe with some white also showing through. I know it sounds awful, but the pattern is intriguing and the jacket is a really good cut and was on sale I am thinking of dying the jacket a very pale pearl grey (I got a colour like this pearl previously with I think a blue based dying and I”m hoping a can find my earlier instructions. What colour dye would you suggest to tone down the pattern? Do I need to do cold water dyeing? like in the 101 blog? I understood the cold water dyeing is very hot water that is taken off the boil.  or will this ruin my fabric? Any other comments or suggestions also welcomed! There are also some metalic pieces (zip, cord ends) on the jacket. Hope you can help.   By: Ruth

Fabric type

Good afternoon Fabrics, I would like to ask for advice. I am 6.5 feet long, relatively slim and have great problems to find fitting trousers. I am not in any way asscociated with the fashion or clothing environmet. I just decided to have a custom-made chinos but the fabrics I was offered were none of my interest (poor quality, patterns, polyester included, etc.). I am looking for something similiar to bonobos .com oxford or washed chinos unicolor fabric in navy blue, grey, beige or sand. It must be organic 100% cotton and durable for every day wearing. I have no idea what kind of fabrics are OK to use for chinos- there are thousands of 100% cotton and usage is not always clear from description. I would be very thankful for your advice where to find the fabrics with reasonable prices (best online). Many thanks, Lucas By: Lukas Behun

Outstanding Reference Site for Stain Removal and more!

Image via Flickr Finding stain removal information without any promotion of one laundry product or another is not an easy task!  I have a few personal preferences that I use in my own laundry but my laundry consists of mostly cotton slacks and shirts, cotton towels and sheets and very minimum stain removal.  Other families with small or big children have different laundry needs. When someone posts a stain removal question, I go to the University of Illinois Extension Stain Solutions Stains from A to Z.   The U of I Extension is based in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The U of Illinois has a great web site with news of the university plus news of the students.  Reading the ACES Student blog, also known as “Voices of Aces” gave me a huge amount of optimism when I realized that our students from all walks of life are the true representation of “What is happening to our country today”!  How refreshing it is to get away from the negative form of the question/statement “What is happening to our country today?! I read about the first “Animal Care Internship at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute”  and other ACES Voices.  And I am not an alumni of the University of Illinois.  I am just glad that this University reminded me that there are many many voices of optimism around our great country! Enjoy! Judith Judith@fabrics.net Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life. We do not accept reimbursement of any kind for our reviews.