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Soft shirts and polos

I’m starting a clothing brand line soon and I want to know which types of cotton would be best for producing super soft and comfortable t-shirts and for soft, yet durable polos? I know some companies use Pima cotton and some companies soften merchandise even more by salt-washing them or using enzymes– would you recommend this? By: alexander

Types of Cotton Sheets?

I’m trying to buy really soft cotton sheets and the seller can’t answer my questions. Sheets are often noted as pima cotton, supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and sateen.  Completely aside from thread count (which indicates quaility but not necessarily softness).  Which cotton fabric is the softest weave? thanks, Jodi By: Jodi Benson

Best cotton /fabric for expensive dress shirt

Hello, my name is Henry and I’m searching for the very best fabric to make expensive  men’s / womens dress shirts.  I’m starting a clothing line and have been challeged to design and make a “high-end ” dress shirt.  I know cotten is the normal material, but they have so many types.  So could you please assist me with this search…Thank you.  By: Henry Hammond Jr

Where can i find a bleach resistant cotton drill material?

Hi, I’m on the absolute hunt for a cotton drill fabric that has been pre dipped in a non reactive dye, to make the fabric bleach resistant. I’m aware that companies do this for towel companies to make towels bleach resistant. Does anyone know where I could get fabric that has already been treated and then made into cotton drill? Any help would be amazing By: donna

Fabric Unknown – Help?

I work for a company that does professional badging for motor racing leathers. We use a cotton type material that is backed onto a type of glossy vinyl. We had a supply from china however our source is no longer available. We are struggling to find the same material, which will be a massive blow to the company. We transfer logos with a heat press onto this fabric then stitch it on the leather. Can you help identify this fabric and also help us source this materail. I can send you pictures if this will help. I’m pretty sure it is cotton backed onto something! Its like a green shiny material we purchased in huge rolls! Any information you have will be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks. By: Gemma

Value of 100 Year old Christening Dresses?

I am trying to find a way to put a value on 3 Christening dresses I have.  They were imported to Marshall Fields around 1901.  They are cotton, 39″long and in excellent condition. Thank you, Judy By: Judy Brock

HEAVY!! Cotton Weave Needed

I have a huge and HEAVY 100% cotton shirt I bought in Brazil 18 years ago and have worn it non-stop. While Brazil has a cotton industry it was surprising to find such a heavy fabric in a tropical country. I have returned to live in southern Australia and the shirt is worn more as an ‘overshirt’ or jacket. I have tried to replace it but all other shirts pale into insignificance, so now I’ve started to hunt a suitable fabric to have them made. The women in the fabrics store say it’s like a blanket/throw and more home furnishings, the upholsterer has no idea. Can’t find it anywhere. At the end of the day it’s cotton…. no real mystery …. I’m just wondering where to source HEAVY (and soft) thick weave cotton fabric? HELP!   By: Ian Marshall