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Little Things Make All the Difference.

Little Things Make Big Differences So lately I have been working my fingers to the bone to prepare for a fashion show that keeps moving date, time, and location. Frustrating to say the least but the goal is to get my name out there so in the grand scheme of things the fashion show itself, is not all that big of a deal. It’s what you do with what you’ve got and how much you enjoy it, right? Well since I love what I do and I get the opportunity to do it, then I can’t really complain. In the process I get to learn all sorts of fun stuff. I thought I’d share a couple. I have been playing with fabric paint, specifically the Stewart Gill stuff, and man does it have a lot of applications. Here’s a couple of things to wet your creative appetite. One is this neat little cup. I have messed around with leather before but I learned a new technique for wetting it completely with rubbing alcohol and then shaping it. With this one I was experimenting for another project that I needed to know the outcome before I cut into the big piece of leather. I wrapped a sample piece around a glass and molded the leather into shape and then wrapped a rubber band around it to get the shape to stay while it dried. After it was all dry then I painted the outside with the silver paint and the inside with the copper and then used a dry brush technique to “burnish” the raised ridges on the outside. I then set it outside in the sun to set the paint. The result was a lot better than I had anticipated and it almost looks like something out of a movie. Maybe something a Greek god would use. Another project has been ongoing and is almost in the complete stages. I am working on a pho-leathor snake skin belt for one of my pieces for the fashion show. I was given a piece of black fake snake skin leather, but black didn’t go with the chocolate brown in the outfit I am working on so I took both the gold and the copper Stewart Gill paints and wet rubbed them into the leather. The paint went into the grooves and made for an almost metallic looking copper back snakeskin. With this one, because it was a flat piece of material I could use the iron to set the paints….
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One Day Deal at Woot – Singer Sewing Machine/Serger Combo for Half Price!

This looks like a great deal, but I haven’t used this model before. Can someone tell me their experience with this combo, is it good quality and worth $350? http://www.woot.com/sale/singer-perfect-finish-lcd-sewing-machine-and-serger?utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_campaign=bfe9fa846f-Daily+Digest+-+20110831+-+Woot&utm_medium=email Home Shopping Network sells this combo for $699. http://crafts-sewing.hsn.com/singer-perfect-finish-sewing-machine-and-serger-set_pf-114938_xp.aspx?&rdr=1&cm_mmc=Shopping+Engine-_-Froogle-_-crafts+and+Sewing-_-114938

Cleaning Properly

My Mother-in-Law gave me a faux fur coat for Christmas last year, and I had it stored at a friend’s house. I very rarely wear the coat–only on special occasions. I recently found out that she wore it and soiled it while it was in her possession. Obviously I am very livid about this, but am more concerned about getting it cleaned. I am not in the position to take it someplace, and I am not comfortable taking it to someone I don’t know. Especially after I left it in the care of someone I do know and it got soiled. PLEASE help me!! Thank You sooooo much, Syndee Syndee: Follow the care instructions or suffer the consequences. If you really love this coat, make some deal with your friend, to share in the expense of having it cleaned properly. Cheap is Expensive. Good Luck, Andy

Im Selling Baby Quilts

Hi Andy, I have a home based business and I sell baby quilts (hand quilted but not heavily quilted). These quilts are prewashed in the factory but they are wrinkled quite a bit. The quilt is made with 100% outer fabric and 100% polyester filling. Can you give me some suggestion how I can remove the wrinkle? Should I just use regular steam iron, steam press, or garment steamer? I have hundreds of these quilts to be ironed. I wonder what’s the fastest way to remove wrinkles nicely without ruining the quilt. Any comment will be appreciated. Thanks. Vivian Vivian: Visit your local dry cleaner with one quilt and see if they can remove the wrinkles. If they can, see if you can work out a volume deal with them. If the first cleaner does not want to deal, find one that will. If they can’t get out the wrinkles, contact your supplier and see what they suggest. Good Luck, Andy

Rich Colors

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I love rich colors and so decided to make my duvet cover out of a very saturated blue shantung silk. I pre-washed it and made it (even though I knew it would lose its nice crisp hand, it still maintained the strong color and the subtle sheen) and it’s been wonderful. But I’ve noticed the area around the foot of the bed is looking decidedly faded. That part of the bed is under the window and so I’m assuming the sun has had an effect on the color! (My cat’s also sleep there…It couldn’t be due to oils or anything, right?!?) I paid a lot of money for the fabric (and put a lot of time into making it) so would like to save it if I can…Do you think this could be successfully dyed back to a nice rich saturated color again? I am okay if the shade of blue is not an exact match…just as long as it is a rich strong blue. Also, do you know of any ways to prevent more fading? (Fabric treatments or something?) Thank you VERY much in advance for any help that you can give me…I am pretty unfamiliar with dyeing! Again, Thanks!!! Jessika Dear Jessika, I am sure that your bedcover is beautiful. I love rich deep silk, too. I made my bedcover in linen (which I dyed a beautiful avocado green) so that it would withstand cats, dog, etc and could be washed frequently. Sun fading is difficult to deal with. Not only does it fade unevenly but it also weakens the fabric. You can try dyeing it again. Go to www.dharmatrading.com, request a catalog, look at their reactive dye colors (inside the front cover), read all the instructions. You should be able to do it in your washing machine. This is not really a long term solution, just a fix. You should be able to get another year or so out of the fabric that way. In some cases, I have re-dyed silk that turned out better than it was originally. But the results are not really predictable, so you will just have to try it. Cats are off the hook, they do not cause fabric fading. I am pretty sure it is sun fading. Silk does not withstand direct sun very well at all. As an alternative, you could try rayon, which takes a dye beautifully, is washable, and is fairly light fast. I will…
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Shedding On A Jacket

Dear Andy, I purchased a relatively inexpensive down jacket (that maybe the problem) and I can’t wear it, because every time I do it sheds all over anything I wear under it. Since the coat wasn’t expensive should I just chuck it, or is there anything I can do to stop it from shedding? I really like the coat, (style, color etc) and I hate to throw it away, but I can’t deal with the damage it does to my clothes. Anything you can tell me to alleviate the shedding would be greatly appreciated. Arlita Arlita: Cheap is Expensive. Cut your losses and either return the jacket or get rid of it. Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

Dyeing Rubber Back Curtains

I have just bought myself a new home. I would like to dye the rubber backed curtains which are already in place to match my decor. One set of curtains are a beige color, while the other set are a very pale pink color. I am hoping to dye them a dark blue color. As my budget is very limited, I was hoping there might be a way I can do this myself. I hope you can offer some assistance Cheers Julie Dear Julie, The answer is, “probably not.” But you can investigate the possibilities further. The main consideration is the fiber content of the curtains themselves. Rayon, linen, cotton, and silk will take a dye, but synthetic will not. Also, depending on the age and condition of the fabric, the dye may take unevenly. Dyeing is a water-based process, and therefore the finish may be affected, and you may also have shrinkage and distortion to deal with. Another thing: remember, you will be mixing colors, so consider what will happen when you put dark blue on top of beige and pink. If you want to consider undertaking the process yourself, get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com, and carefully read their instructions on the reactive dyes. good luck, Jennifer