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Can I Dye Cotton/Polyester/Spandex?

Hi, I have a white jacket that’s labeled dry clean only. It’s a cotton/polyester/spandex blend with a liner. Is this impossible to dye? Thanks, Ysette Ysette, please read my article Fabric Dyeing 101 that is on www.fabrics.net. It has a link at the top of my monthly column. Nothing is impossible – but will you be pleased with the outcome? The lining and thread will not take the dye. IN addition, the fabric will undergo stress from a warm water based process. If you want to consult with the professionals, contact the following dye services: www.fabricdyeing.com www.dyeproservices.com good luck, Jennifer

Tea Dyeing With A Greenish Color

Texan of Scots heritage Hi, I am trying to tea stain my white sheers. I would like to know if there is a certain tea that would give me a greenish color, like celery green. I have tried regular tea and it is very pretty, I have also tried green tea, same as regular. I would like to have a celery hue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Liz Dear Liz, As you found, with tea, you only get brown. For green, you must use fabric dye. Please read my article Fabric Dyeing 101. This will give you the basics. Write back if you would like more info after you read this article. good luck, Jennifer

The Best Way To Dye White Curtains To Ecru Color

I bought some ecru lace curtains in France. My cousin sent me an extra piece (since I didn’t buy enough), but she sent me white lace. What’s the best way to dye the white to ecru? I heard that I could possibly use tea? Thanks. Dear Danielle, Please look over my article Fabric Dyeing 101 before you proceed. There is a bunch of info there that will assist you. The main factor is the fiber content of the lace. Also, it will be hard to get the exact ecru that you want, because matching is difficult. Keep in mind, too, that tea is basically brown. No cream or yellow at all. You may have to start over and order some lace in the correct color, or else go to mix-and-match decor. Jennifer

Can I Dye Rayon And Lycra Dress

Is it possible to dye a dress successfully that is 92% rayon 8% lycra? It’s a terrific dress, just needs to be a darker green. Thanks for your help, J Dear Jeannie, Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for the first line of answers. It’s possible that you can move the dress a darker value of its current color. There are some caveats and things to keep in mind, however. Write back if you have more questions! Jennifer

Sofa Slipcover

Hello, I came across your website while trying to find our about dying my sofa’s slip cover. Would I be able to dye it in my washing machine? If so what type of dye should I use? I would also appreciate any tips. Thank you, Susan Dear Susan, First, please read my article Fabric Dyeing 101. This will give you the basic orientation. Next, get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and read about the reactive dyes. Then, if you can fit it easily in your washing machine, you can probably dye it. have fun, Jennifer

Coloring Your Own Sofa

I know this sounds crazy but I am going to do it! I am going to dye my sleeper sofa cushion covers in my washing machine (6 that all zip off) and then I am going to take my sofa outside and spray the body of it, on fine mist, with the garden sprayer (filled with steaming hot water). Then after I spray for awhile and let it “sit and soak”, I will take my garden hose and hook to my washing machine (which is in a washroom outside) and rinse it off with hot water. But maybe I need to use cool water so it doesn’t get rid of a lot of the color. Give me any suggestions, even if you think I am completely nuts (which my friend does-she says it won’t work so now I really am determined.) I don’t want it to fade on someone when they sit down, so what do I need to do. It is a real light print fabric and I am dyeing it Scarlett. I don’t care if it looks mottled a little. It goes in my vintage travel trailer. HELP! Judy Dear Judy, Hey, who am I to stand in your way. Just don’t point that sprayer my direction. I really advise that you read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101, which has a link at the top of my column. This will give you the basic principles of color-on-fabric. Also, keep in mind that Rit is not a very dark or vivid dye. In order to get a saturated color, you will need to use the reactive dyes, which require also salt and soda ash in order to be fixed on fabric. I really don’t think that the rinse water temperature makes much of a difference. It’s really hard to adequately rinse such a thing as an upholstered piece of furniture. Even a cotton T-shirt will leak dye for a few washings after the dye-and-rinse process. I hope you live somewhere very hot and dry! Else you are going to have (quickly) a mildewed, stinky sofa on your hands and in your front yard. Many times I do respond to inquiries saying, you are undertaking a big experiment. I don’t know how it will come out and no one else does either. But if you really want to, and you don’t care about the outcome, give it a try!! have fun, and write back and tell me about it! Jennifer

Dyeing Ivory Slipcovers

Jennifer, I have recently had 2 chairs and a sofa slip covered in ivory cotton duck. After moving 3 weeks ago I have to relocate them to another room where the color will not work. Can I dye this myself or do they need to be professionally dyed? If so how do I go about doing this? Thanks, Kathy Dear Kathy,There are several reasons why I would have this professionally done, not the least of which is that you won’t be able to fit these large pieces in your washing machine. Keep in mind any visible thread/stitching will remain its original color. Check with the following professional dye services:www.dyeproservices.com good luck and read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for more info on the process!Jennifer