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Vintage Fabric Replacement Fabrics?

Michele recently requested information about what fabrics could replace old fabrics from the late 19th and early 20th century. These fabrics include Indian Head, cambric or linen cambric, Cloth of Gold and Quadriga Cloth. Cambric is still in production.Summer Fashion – Daily News & Analysis http://news.google.com Sat, 22 Mar 2014 22:53:44 GMT  Daily News & AnalysisSummer FashionDaily News & AnalysisOne can mix and match with cool colours like aquamarine, light blue and nautical colours like navy blue, red and white,” she says adding that apart from cotton and linen, fabrics like cambr … Indian Head hasn’t been manufactured since the 1960’s.  Quadriga is still found in vintage fabric stashes.vintage_ads: 1951 Good Housekeeping: Quadriga fabric http://vintage-ads.livejournal.com Sat, 15 Jun 2013 00:25:59 GMT 1951 Good Housekeeping: Quadriga fabric. 1951 ad for Quadriga cloth. Tags: 1950s, 1951, children, clothing, sewing · 60in3 wrote in vintage_ads: ←Orange Weekend: 1982 Kraft Barbecue Sauce · branwynn wrote in … I remember these fabricsand wish I could still purchase some, especially Indian Head. I don’t know of any fabric that has been produced to specifically replace these vintage fabrics. For the most part, the advertising is an “improved” or a “new” rather than replacing the old. Judith@fabrics.net

Identifying Fabric

Shannon sent photos of fabric that she wanted to date and/or identify.  

Dating Fabric Help?

Hi,  I have two dresses that I recently purchased and I’m having problems dating the fabrics. Both are, I believe, made of silk brocades.  One was remade between 1870 and 1890 (label), but from some other construction techniques (reeds along the front edges and handsewn/covered eylet holes), I believe that the dress was orignially made earlier. The other dress’ bodice is construced on, I believe, a homespun linen, with a very, very, low rounded neckline.  The sleeves are just past the elbow, with an elbow point, and tight sleeves.  There is no front closure, and the front skirt is open, with a scalloped edge down the edges.  This dress was also, I believe re-made at some point, as ribbon ties and net lace (late 1800-early 1900) was added. Both fabrics are striped with flowers.  Thank you for your help, Shannon   By: Shannon Dalton

Help Choosing Best Fabric?

Hi, I am trying to source a very strong, durable, washable fabric to make straps with. However I am at a loss as to which fabric is best suited for this and would really appreciate any help. I originally looked at cotton duck but the coulours and paterns are very limited and I wish to you it for childrens products. Many thanks A. McCrory     By: Audrey McCrory

Nylon/Spandex Fabric

Is it possible to dye a nylon/spandex blend?  If so, what kind of dye would be most successful?  I am trying to change compression stockings from nude to navy.  The manufacturer tells me the stockings are entirely of nylon and spandex. By: Karen Abernathy

Best Fabric For Crease?

What is the best fabric to use for a good crease? By: jules

Types of Polyester Fabrics?

I am doing research on all the different types of Polyester Fabric.  I am a clothing designer and am designing a performance competitor t shirt using 100% polyester.  I would like all the information on all of the Polyester fabrics.  Everytime I try to do the research on a type of polyester I always discover a new one.  Please advise me on all the in and outs of the different types.  I know there are many. By: Tim