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Spot Cleaning

Can you tell me what ‘spot clean only’ means? I have curtains (shear with print) and don’t want to wreck them, Thank You for your time. p.s. cool site! An asset to the internet! Informative and reliable. Fred: I’m not sure either. Visit www.carbona.com for all your cleaning questions. They have the experts you need. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Wrinkles In Slipcovers

Hello Andy, I sure hope you can help me. I just bought some new Bordeaux Duck slipcovers. They are terribly wrinkled, and I’m wondering how to get the wrinkles out. Do I need to Iron them? If I do, what temperature do I put the iron on? Maybe there is an easier way of getting the wrinkles out that you might know about. I know it will take me hours to iron them. I was thinking of throwing them in the washer, and dryer. Please tell me what I can do. I am so happy to have found you on the Internet. Thank You so very much. Sincerely, Karen Karen: Follow the care instructions, contact the manufacturer of return the covers. Those wrinkles may never come out. Don’t do anything that may ruin the covers. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Wrinkles In Silk

I just purchased custom made silk draperies. After hanging them, they still have wrinkles. What up with that? I’m told the wrinkles won’t come out. Is this true? They were very expensive. Denise: They wrinkles should have come out. Return the curtains. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Lemony Smell After Exposure To Sunlight

My recently purchased thermal curtains, from a major department store, began to have a very strong and pungent lemony smell after exposure to sunlight. Is there potential for toxic fumes from the “foam lining” thermal curtains? We are concerned because the strongest smell comes from our baby’s curtains. Your input would be much appreciated. Emilio Emilo: While, as a scientist, you would think in terms of toxic chemical reactions from the lining, it may be possible, but is improbable. That being said, if you are skittish, I’d return the curtains to the store. Then have some custom curtains made to your specs. They will be more costly, but you will be able to sleep better, knowing that the curtains will NOT give off toxic fumes. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Getting It Cleaned Profesionally

Dear Andy, I purchase a year old fabric sofa from a second hand store. It had not been used but has been sitting around for over a year. It looks great, but I know that it has not been stain protected. The person that I called to treat the sofa said that I should have it cleaned before treating it because the treatment would “take” better. Anyway the price for cleaning and stain treatment is $90.00. Can I do this myself and do a good job? Thank You, Rick Paying a professional is the way to go. If there is a problem, they buy you a new sofa. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Canvas Back Straw Material

In May 1999 Issue of Homes & Garden, I have seen spoon-back chairs, which were covered in ‘canvas-backed straw’ made in California. H&G couldn’t help, don’t have American manufacturers on their database. Can you help me? Have you ever seen this material ‘canvas-backed straw’? The other material, I’ve seen in a book Country houses of Majorca by Barbara & René Stoeltie. It was a raffia-covered chair. I’ve tried hours long finding something on the net. I wrote magazines etc…I didn’t succeed. I wish, You could help! Thanks Eva Eva: We looked at your files. These are high end decorator fabrics. Contact a local interior designer and show the pictures to them. I’m sure they will be able to find the fabric you need. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

Couch Covers That Shrank

Hi Andy, I washed my couch covers which are made of resin treated polyester fiber. I let them dry outside but when I went to put the foam back into them, they had shrunk. Weeks later they are still in the same condition. Can I do anything to get them back to their original size? Thanks, Nakia Nakia: If you followed the care instructions on the label, and they still Shrunk, then return them. If you did not follow the care instructions, then it is time to go out and buy new couch covers. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy