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The Fabrics.net Store Has Hard To Find Fabric

Hard to find fabric is our specialty.  If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find it! Just visit our FabricFinder page if you don’t see what you need listed in our store inventory below. We sell hand-selected fabrics direct from the warehouse to you so your fabric is pristine when you receive it. We never sell from bolts, only rolls, so you know your fabric has not been overhandled. We sell both large and small quantities, down to a one-yard minimum. Our experts have decades of experience and purchase from their exclusive manufacturers. Save 20%-30% off retail when you buy direct from Fabrics.net! Shop with confidence, our products are perpetual stock and you can buy the same weave and shade from year to year. IF WE DON’T HAVE IT, WE’LL HELP YOU FIND IT!  Just visit our FabricFinder page to post your hard to find fabric request and have our US/Canadian network of fabric suppliers CONTACT YOU! Here are some of the fabric categories available today in the Fabrics.net Store: China Silk Duchesse Satin Wool Crepe 4-ply Crepe Silk Charmeuse Silk Charmeuse Stretch Silk Chiffon Silk Chiffon wide Silk Chiffon Crinkle Silk Crepe Back Satin Silk Crepe de Chine Silk Double Face Satin Silk Double Georgette Silk Doupioni aka (Doupioni, Dupioni, Doupionni, Dupionni) Silk Faille Silk Knit Jersey) Silk Organza Silk Satin Organza Silk Taffeta (aka Taffeta) Silk Zibeline (aka Zibeline) Rayon/Silk velvet (aka Satin Organza) Wool Satin Gaberdine Wool Double Knit Jersey Wool Silk Blend Poly Plain Bengaline Poly Moire Bengaline Poly Taffeta Sequin Knit Poly (aka Sequin Knit) Stretch Velvet (aka Velvet) Glimmer Tulle (aka Sparkle) Poly Nylon Mesh Tie Dye Power Mesh (aka Tie Dyed Power Mesh) Foil Power Mesh Poly Organza Acetate Satin (aka Acetate) Nylon Tulle Acetate Taffeta Damask Cotton (aka Damask) Acetate Iridescent Taffeta (aka Iridescent) Poly Double Georgette Poly Crepe Back Satin (aka Poly Satin Back Crepe) Poly Chiffon Poly Lining (aka Lining) Satin Silk Wool Notions Ask us anything about these fabrics or any other hard to find fabric, we’re happy to help in any way we can…

Looking For Jersey Fabric

Hi Andy, I’ve been having trouble finding patterned cotton jersey fabric. Am I using incorrect terminology for this fabric often used in sleep wear? Can you recommend a good source for patterned cotton jersey fabric? And, lastly, what terminology is used for the varying thicknesses of this fabric? Many thanks!! These types of fabrics, are custom made, by the fabric mills. Put a small classified ad in Women’s Wear Daily, (www.wwd.com) under Fabrics Wanted. In the “old” days, there were hundreds of mills, here in the USA that could make anything you wanted. Now, most of these types of fabrics, have gone off shore. You may also want to consider attending a wholesale fabric show. Visit http://www.apparel-graphic-design.com/fabric-trade-shows.html to see the shows in the US. The thickness of a fabric can either be described by the weight or denier of the yarn. Another way, is the “yield” weight, or ounces per square yard or lineal yard. Good Luck, Andy

Discoloration In Fabric

Hi Jennifer… I am so pleased to have found your column. I have a question…that seems to be a struggle to get some answers to. I acquired an amazing vintage sheath and ¾ sleeved jacket at a recent estate sale. I estimate it to be 30 years old. It is a cream and silver brocade fabric…not entirely sure what the fabric content is. It has silver metallic thread running through it…and a nylon? acetate? lining. My dry cleaner was able to get the heavy smoke smell out…but the discoloration of the fabric remains. I really want to over dye it black…thinking that the metallic threads will remain silver and the effect would be cool. However…nobody does clothing that I can find. I even tried the cobblers in the area. So…I would like to attempt to do it myself…I have little to lose otherwise. I am dying to wear it to an event I have 11/5…so any advice you might have would be terrific. What kind of dye? How much? How do I determine what the fabric is exactly? Please help. Thanks…Kate Dear Kate, I have some experience with this sort of thing, and here’s what I would say about your project. 1. The outfit, which sounds fantastic, is probably a combination of acetate, polyester, metallic – maybe some rayon. My guess is that it will take the dye, but not at full strength. 2. Black is the hardest color to get anyway, even with all natural fibers, so there is virtually no chance that you will get a deep, even black. More like a charcoal tint, if I had to guess. 3. The lining, zippers, even the thread will not take the dye and will remain the ivory/off white that they are now. 4. Remember, dyeing is a water-based process, so the whole outfit will have to be submerged and agitated in order to dye. It must be sturdy enough to handle all this. I really do advocate doing this sort of thing in the washer for the best possible even results. But of course this can also result in shrinkage or stress to the fabric. 5. Even in the best circumstances there is a good chance that there could be unseen spots or discolorations on the fabric that would make it dye with uneven spots. 6. Okay, with all those warnings, I think you have an interesting project if you are willing to take whatever color it comes out. If you really do not like the current…
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Removing Iron-On Jerseys

Hi, I have a hockey jersey that I would like to remove part of the 0 from 30 and change it to a 38. Is it possible and how? Denise: Buy a new Jersey. It will be less expensive, than trying to reconfigure yours. Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

Grenadine Stain On My Carpet

My Grandson spilled Grenadine on my beige carpet. I have a big red stain on my carpet and having trouble getting the stain out. Can you help. Kathy in New Jersey Dear Kathy in New Jersey: Visit www.carbona.com. They are the stain specialists. Good Luck, Andy

Can My Clothing Be Preserved By Vacuum Sealing Them

I bought my 1 year old grandson a football jersey autographed by the player and want to put it into a steel “time capsule” that will be sealed (and kept inside my house) until his 21st birthday. I have one of those vacuum seal appliances that allow you to put food into special bags and vacuum seal them. Will this jersey be preserved for 20 years if I put it into one of those bags and vacuum seal it?? Taryn Hi, Andy is out of the office for a few days and ask that I answer this for you. The plastic bag that you would probably use to “seal” this jersey may not be good for the jersey fabric at all. To be truly preserved, take the jersey to a dry cleaners who specializes in gown preservation. They will pack the jersey in acid free tissue in an acid free box that won’t damage the jersey over the next 20 years. Judith

Dyeing Seat Slipcover

We live in Ottawa Canada and recently bought a sofa and love seat with white cotton slipcovers on it. We thought we would be able to get these dyed, but are unable to find anyone in the area who does this. Can you help? Thanks JackieThis is a job for Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com. They are in New Jersey and slightly closer to you.good luck,Jennifer