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Nylon/Spandex Fabric

Is it possible to dye a nylon/spandex blend?  If so, what kind of dye would be most successful?  I am trying to change compression stockings from nude to navy.  The manufacturer tells me the stockings are entirely of nylon and spandex. By: Karen Abernathy

Nylon/Lycra material

Hello! I am working on a project using nylon/lycra to make something for activewear. I know nylon is moisture wicking, but does it do well with perspiration? I want it to have a bathing suit/smooth/dri-sweat feel. Would this be the right combination? By: Erica Davis

is there anyway to make nylon polyester soft?

Is there anyway to make nylon polyester soft? If there is, could you please list some ways on how to make it soft? Thank you. By: Jess

Is it safe to wash pants that are labeled Dry Clean Only?

Is it safe to wash pants that are 73% rayon, 23% nylon, 5% spandex?   The label says dry clean but I have been told that I should be able to wash them myself. Thanks!   M By: Maggie

nylon vs polyester

I am designing a line of mens swim shorts.  I notice that many of the high end brands such as Orlebar Brown, Dolce and Gabanna, Paul Smith are using nylon instead of polyester.  I find nylon to be rigid and easily wrinkled.  I prefer to use polyester like the board short companies eg Quiksilver.  Can you please advise what is the advantage of using nylon as really all the high end designer brands are using it.  Is there any consumer perception that nylon is better? Thanks Michael By: Michael

Specialty Material?

I invented a new umbrella that has 2 sleeves sewn on opposite sides of the umbrella.  I need stiff, waterproof, won’t shrivel in rain, silk screenable fabric..looking at nylon treated with polyruerthane, can you help?   Thanks jack By: Jack ferenz


Can a shirt made of polyester/rayon/nylon be taken in if its too big? By: Ashley