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Types of Polyester Fabrics?

I am doing research on all the different types of Polyester Fabric.  I am a clothing designer and am designing a performance competitor t shirt using 100% polyester.  I would like all the information on all of the Polyester fabrics.  Everytime I try to do the research on a type of polyester I always discover a new one.  Please advise me on all the in and outs of the different types.  I know there are many. By: Tim

Help Tracking Down Discontinued Fabrics?

I have a 100% polyester gabardine fabric which has been referred to as ‘LL Bean gabardine’ which was purchased from a company that sells over-runs or discontinued items. I need to find a reliable source to continually purchase more of this fabric but do not know how to further identify this fabric in order to compare it to other polyester gabardines. I have ordered other samples, but they are not the same at all.  Should I weigh a known size of the fabric to compare densities, or should I try to count the picks per inch using a microscope? Thanks very much. Michelle By: Michelle

silk twill and polyester

Hi there,   I actually have two questions: 1) Where can one get plain silk twill fabric for digital printing in widths greater than 140cm (55″)? I’m looking for something slighter larger for a recent project/prototype. 2) Are there any machine-washable polyester fabrics very similar to silk twill that I can use insteead?   Thank you so much for considering these questions. By: Rebecca Fee

how do u stop glittery fabric from clinging to polyester fabric?

I have two layered dress the bottom layer is polyester and the top layer is a thin glittery fabric. The glittery fabric is less glittery on one side but very glittery on the other. I decided to use the less glittery side for the outside because I didnt want everyone to be blinded by the other glittery side. So now the very glittery side is on the inside but it keeps sticking to the polyester causing my dress to not sit right and I even tried ironing it but the glitter side still attaches itself to the under layer. please help!! how can I make it stand right? By: mina

Blue stamping removal

I have a stamped quilt for embroidery by Tobin Sporn & Glaser Inc called Medallion No 1592 that I just completed the quilting and soaked in cold water for two hours, then washed in Tide to remove the blue stamping pattern. The blue dot stamp pattern did not come out of the white 50% Dacron polyester 50% Cotton material. I soaked a corner for 4 hours but blue dots remain. No blue dots vanished at all. Any suggestions on how to remove the blue stamping? Or what material Tobin might have used to stamp the blue dots (ink, wax, etc)? Thank you, Rena By: Rena

Sport Pant Polyester

We are trying to make pants for capoeira (its a martial art/dance sport) and need fabric. We have found the type we like on another set of pants but can’t figure out where to get that fabric or how to identify it. All the pants just say 100% polyester. We went to the Minneapolis, MN fabric stores and they didn’t really know much or where to point us. How do we figure out what type of polyester it is and order it? Here’s a link to the pants that have the right fabric. THANK YOU for any help you can give!!!! http://www.virtualcapoeira.com/info/pants/pact_show/id_20420746/ By: Yuliya Pruzhanskaya

is there anyway to make nylon polyester soft?

Is there anyway to make nylon polyester soft? If there is, could you please list some ways on how to make it soft? Thank you. By: Jess