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Best fabric for the money?

Hi,I’m looking to start a small business making affordable bed linen. Basically something in between the cheap polyester and the very expensive egyptian cotton fabric. What cotton fabric would you recommend that would be affordable,easily available but yet still quality to offer my clients and keep my business afloat? Thank you. By: Evie

Highest quality T shirt

Hi, I am organizing a Reunion for 200 of our batchmates. I require the highest quality T Shirt. I require advice on : best quality, all weather, POLO-Collar, best gsm, long lasting, should be able to be worn regularly as well. Can you give me the specifications? By: Kaushik

Fabrics used for Jackets

Hello, I wish to launch my own brand of Kids jackets. I want to know different fabrics used in jackets, the fillings. What filling to be used for what temperatures. How can I get the quality control done on the jackets manufactured? By: Manjiri

Wooly, wooly.

So years ago I entered a contest with a wool jacket that I had felted myself on my Bernina machine with the needle punch unit. It was really the first time I had ever felted anything, but not the first time I had worked with wool. I love working with wool but I have a problem with it. I am allergic to it. I spent hours felting and more hours itching and sneezing, but I’m nothing if not a glutton for punishment. A really good wool is a pleasure to work with in that it is so easily manipulated. A quality wool sews together like butter. Curves melt into each other and seams mold to each other when steam is applied. This year I got the chance to work with a Wool Melton. I have to say it is probably the most wonderful wool I have ever worked with. Not only did it do everything I wanted it too but I was not effected allergy wise like I usually am when I work with wool. I was in heaven.  Check out all our wool melton selections at Fabrics.net

Judging fabric quality in a crazy market?

Hi and thanks so much for reading my question! I can understand if there are in fact no direct answers to this question. I live in india and the markets here are probably totally different to those in the States. we have brands but are not limited to them in the least and some of the most beautiful and high quality fabrics as well as clothes are sold in nameless shops at varying rates (tailoring is also big here). however, I seem to have developed a gripping fear of ending up with cheap or poor quality cloth. while I am a firm believer that quality comes at a price, it isn’t exactly always applicable in our markets. I find that I am afraid to buy something that doesn’t feel right to the touch at a local shop, but my fears are put to ease if I see a similar thing at a reputed branded store. this has also turned out to be quite a problem as I often fall in love with a pattern or find the perfect size, but hesitate to buy it because I’m worried the cloth will look cheap or spoil easily. I never really hesitate to invest in good cloth. the truth is that the concept of something “looking cheap” has been planted in my head by someone, and has clouded my judgement considerably. so my question is, are there any simple standard tests I can put the cloth to, by appearance or by feel, that will help me determine the quality? or vice versa, anything I can notice in a fabric that means I absolutely must NOT buy it? I’m sorry the question is so silly, and would more than understand if there was no proper answer. in that case please let me know if the best thing to do is to pick fabric/clothes in a more “secure” price bracket. thank you again! By: nandini

coat fabric name?

I need a material that is water resistant yet still a fabric and a heavy weight fabric that can be used for a rather nice coat I want to have duplicated. It is labeled as cotton/nylon mix but, it’s heavier than dress fabric so I am not sure what to even look for when I go to the store and ask. It’s a very good quality and a tight weave. I could use some help with possible replacement alternatives Thank you. By: Jaleh

Cotton question

Hi, I want to make a high quality pant and matching shirt, both from the same fabric.  I want them to feel like a t-shirt. I am confused as to whether to buy single knit, double knit, jersey knit, or interlock.  I want a high quality, such as a high-end designer would use. What kind of cotton should I buy? Thank you! Karla By: Karla St.Luke