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Cotton vs Silk – in Velvet?

What advantages and disadvantages – in wear and appearance of men’s jackets – does silk velvet have in comparison to cotton velvet? Is it possible to discuss the characteristics of silk velvet without first identifying any amount of rayon added – I have read that often rayon is added in the production of silk velvet to reduce the price of the finished cloth – presumably rayon is cheaper than silk? By: Peter O’Connor

Pilling of Wool Silk Blend?

Hello Experts  I have a brand new Hart Shaffner Marx Sport Coat, about 50 50 wool silk blend, bought yesterday.  I see in the light pills everywhere.  Is this normal, or should I return it?  Would it be acceptable to use my fabric “shaver” to remove the pills, and if I do, would it weaken the fabric and/or cause even more pills in the future?  It’s interesting to have such a well known, made in USA brand, have so many pills.  Aparently evenly spread across the jacket, not in wear points.  Thank you very much for any advice you can offer.  James Rispoli By: james rispoli

Dyeing Silk Zibeline?

I am in the planning stages of sewing a special occasion dress of silk zibeline. I would really like dark green, which doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. Would it work to purchase the fabric in white, then dye it (I assume you would recommend the reactive dyes mentioned)? Test, test, test, obviously, before attempting to dye the whole yardage. Thanks!   Hillary  

Silk fabrics help

Hello I am designing my own summer trousers with vests and I want to use silk.  However, I am not sure which silk to use and also what lining to use.  I am looking for a high quality silk.  Thanks By: Mandy Welsh

Silk Faille, Bengaline, Taffeta, Ottoman, Grosgrain, What Do These Fabrics Have in Common?

Image via Flickr And the answer is…..all of these fabrics have cross wise grains.  The most pronounced is grosgrain [groh-greyn] followed by bengaline [ben-ga-line] and ottoman then faille [fahyl] then taffeta. Excellent photos and descriptions can be seen at The Upstairs Sewing Room:The Upstairs Sewing Room: Mother of the bride outfit! Fabric found!! http://theupstairssewingroom.blogspot.com3/30/13 We looked at a couple of different fabrics, but when the salesclerk showed us a fabulous red silk faille, I was in love! It was a lovely red (not that orange red but a clear, blue red) and was a nice weight with some texture to it. A must see silk faille dress with beautiful embroidered flowers:  Erdem Mette Embroidered Cotton and Silk–faille Dress http://www.fashionfuss.com4/5/11 Erdem Mette’s Embroidered Cotton and Silk–faille Dress is a must-have fashion item. This is definitely going to look gorgeous o you. Gwen Stefani’s pink and white silk faille wedding dress is one of my favorite silk faille dresses of all time.  Designer John Galliano’s design accents the beauty of the fabric while not overpowering  the bride:  Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses of All Time http://www.womenio.com2/8/13 … designer John Galliano is a beautiful creation in pink and not at all the typical white gown. Stefani wanted her wedding to be unique and that is exactly what she got in this beautiful dress made from white and pink silk faille. More about bengaline and taffeta in upcoming articles. Enjoy! Judith Judith@fabrics.net

Will the Real Silk Doupioni Please Stand Up?

Image via Flickr Doupioni, also spelled douppionni, doppione, douppione, pronounced [doo-pee-ohn-ni] is a silk fabric that has been woven from silk fiber that is reeled from double silk cocoons or 2 or more silk cocoons that are interlocked.  The resulting silk fabric has irregular slubs. Doupioni is similar to silk shantung. From silk doupioni wedding gowns to silk doupioni suits for business wear to childrens christening gowns to doupioni silk flowers, many items and garments are made from this crisp, lustrous and elegant fabric.  Silk doupioni drapes are beautiful and will last several years if lined with cotton to keep the silk out of the sun. DIY Project by Posh Paperie and Jackie Wonders Photography … http://www.stylemepretty.com3/12/10 Perfect Dupioni Silk Yo-Yos. silk flowers. DIY projects. diy project. How perfect are these? I am obsessed. Totally obsessed. And am definitely heading to the fabric store this weekend to start crafting. Okay, you want to start by … Silk doupioni is made in China, Japan, Italy as well as India.  Descriptions of this fabric on the internet vary according to the country of origin.  In some cases the description of silk doupioni sound more like silk shantung than doupioni.  Therefore, when deciding on which fabric type or which doupioni, the buyer should trust the vendor and also educate themselves.  Some doupioni fabrics are suitable for tailoring and have a linen look, others are lightweight and work beautifully in wedding gowns. A Victorian Ball Gown | Man the Capstan – Reenactment Blog for … http://manthecapstan.wordpress.com3/13/13 The pouf sleeves and the underskirt are made of a 100% pure golden dupioni silk. The bodice is fully lined and boned for added shape and structure, and buttons at the front with self covered golden dupioni fabric buttons. Be sure and visit Cindy Needham’s blog and photos of her beautiful quilting and cutwork with Doupioni silk!  I have bookmarked her site to follow and be inspired.Cindy Needham: Doing The Little Stuff! http://blog.cindyneedham.com3/20/13 I also removed the very white binding and replaced it with a soft champagne Dupioni silk…much better! The beadwork in the scrolls is about half done and I’m very happy with how that’s turning out…no ripping here! I think I …   Enjoy! Judith Judith@fabrics.net  

A Simple Definition of Silk Crepe de Chine?

Image via Flickr Crepe de Chine, pronounced  [kreyp duh sheen] means literally, Crepe from China, however, there are several different weights which can be confusing. Crepe has been popular for all fashions since its development in sixteenth century Bologna. Some notable silk crepes are 2 ply silk Crepe de Chine, 4 ply silk Crepe de Chine, Crinkle silk Crepe de Chine,  silk Double Georgette, and silk Crepe Backed Satin. A crepe twist is simply  alternating 2 S- (left handed) twist and 2 Z- (right handed) twist  yarns in the weft or filling of the weave  which creates the pebble or crepe effect. Givenchy Silk Crepe De Chine Cut Out Shirt Fashion Luxuary Review http://www.fashionjug.com/us/col/2878/givenchy-silk-crepe-de-chine-cut-out-shirt/ Gold coloured metal plaque inserts at cuffs . Cut out at back . Concealed h… Silk Crepe de Chine comes in several different weights, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply, and 6 ply.  3 ply and 6 ply are usually available to designers.  Ply is the number of single yarns twisted together to form a ply yarn.  Thus 2 ply is two yarns twisted together, add another two yarns to the yarn twist and 4 ply silk crepe de chine is created add 2 more yarns and 6 ply is created and so on.   Sewing Goodies from Hong Kong | sosewlovely http://sosewlovely.com2/28/13 I did however found these heavy silk crepe de chine for HKD$ 160 per yard (that’s about £13 or USD$21) in royal blue and slate grey. The fabric is heavier then ones I’ve sewn before and it’s less than half the price than the … Garment care is dry clean only unless the fabric has been pre-treated by washing prior to garment construction.   Enjoy! Judith Judith@fabrics.net