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Is Your Self Talk Positive?

Image via Flickr We hear a lot about body image and since Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” there has been a lot of discussion on this topic. Teens’ Negative Body Images Play Role in Later Adult Obesity – Diabetes Health (press release) http://news.google.com Teens’ Negative Body Images Play Role in Later Adult ObesityDiabetes Health (press release)If you’re concerned about your teen’s extra pounds, it might be a good idea to keep those concerns to yourself and enforce some healthier eating habits instead … When I was in the custom clothing business, the first thing I would ask a new customer to do was collect photos of styles they liked from magazines (now we can do this on Pinterest).  The result was that the new customer would start defining their “Personal Style”.  When the customer brought their clippings to their appointment, I would ask them why they liked a particular photo, was it the garment or the whole look or feeling?  Often I would hear “I love that skirt but my hips are too big.”  My reply was always, “You have a small waist!”  Turning negitive self talk into positive body statements is the first step in changing the individual’s body image. This YouTube video was produced for teens but maybe we Mature Women could benefit by hearing it now:  Self Esteem Tips: Dealing with Body Image Issues Sign up for our WellCast newsletter for more of the love, lolz and happy! http://goo.gl/GTLhb It’s all too easy to buy into the belief that your body is just… Yesterday I listened to an interview of a celebrity talking about the amount of exercise she does every day….two hours!  Some asked how she found TWO hours every day and she replied that exercising and keeping her body in shape is part of her job as an actress. Now that you all have had a bra fitting and look younger and slimmer plus have a Pinterest board of styles you like, let’s start designing a personal style.  Stay tuned!  Enjoy! Judith Judith@fabrics.net

Airtight and Waterproof Materials

Hi, I am making a hovercraft for my school project and I have been trying to find the correct material to build its skirt. I will need an airtight and waterproof material which will be light while being strong and durable. It will be helpful if it is a little bit flexible and if its black. It must not deform when it is going quickly like the plastic bags. It must also be easy to glue on. All help will be appreciated and I hope I will find the right material. Thanks, Aaron. By: Aaron Fang

Type of fabric used?

Do you have any idea what type of fabric was used in the famous pink dress worn by Kim Novak in the 1955 movie Picnic. It is soft enough to fall evenly in a full skirt but isn’t as sheer as chiffon.Thanks,Wendy By: Wendy L

Lycra skirt look alike been bleached, help!

I have a lycra skirt. After washing it, I used wooden clothes peg to hang it. Later, when the skirt dried, I found the area that I use the clothes peg looks bleached out….What should I do? By: Jill

What type of chiffon Elie Saab used on this skirt?

Hi guys, I fell in love with this skirt http://www.boutique1.com/womens/clothing/skirt/pleated-chiffon-long-skirt-9 and I want to have it made for me, but I don’t know what kind of chiffon was used on it. Also, it says on the description that the underskirt is silk. Could you guess what type of silk could have been used? Description: 100% Silk maxi Skirt. Features banded waist with gathering, which falls freely into full skirt. Skirt is constructed from silk under layer and chiffon over layer, which are seamed together at front with slit. Back chiffon is slightly elongated. Secured at back with concealed hook and eye fastening. Thank you! By: Aimone

How to Use Hemlines to Create Optical Illusions

Image via Flickr   Not too many years ago women were told what the length of their skirts should be for that particular year and…..drum roll…..we minded!  Now that the fashion runways show hemlines placed anywhere from the top of the shoe to the top of the thigh, we are free to choose the hemline that is most flattering for our figure.  Granted we may be limited somewhat by what is sold in stores but changing the hemline on dresses, skirts, slacks and jackets isn’t difficult.  Dry cleaning businesses often either do alterations in house or know of alteration shops.   Since we are now free to choose, consider the fact that clothing styles create optical illusions.  Remember the number of times we were told to never wear horizontal stripes if we wanted to look slimmer?  Instead we were told to wear vertical stripes if we wore stripes at all.  Placement of skirt hems is our chance to find a flattering line that gives our legs a shapely look.   Standing in front of a mirror wearing shorts just look at your legs.  Where is the smallest part of your leg at your ankle, knee, calf, or thigh?  Now, using a solid color skirt or dress, place the hem of the skirt/dress in the largest part of your calf, now raise the skirt hem up an inch, then 2 inches, then 3 inches.  Where is the most flattering part of your leg to place the hemline.  For many women, this would be just above the calf or knee, usually just when the curve just starts to go out again.   This same technique works for length of blouses or shirts.  I see many women whose shirt or jacket hem hits them in the largest part of their hips.  Or the largest part of the thigh.  If this is the case with your jacket, shirt or blouse length, stand in front of the mirror and place the hemline where it is most flattering to your figure.   How many women actually look good in the crop pant as it comes off the rack in the store?  Check where the crop pant hem hits on your leg and decide if you want to raise or lower the hem.  The same is true for shorts.  How many people actually look good in board shorts?   Next time you look in the mirror and think that something just isn’t quite right in the image you see, try looking at where the hem of…
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Silk Organza Wedding Dresses

Most designers love organza for its sheer quality and crisp texture. Wedding dresses are the most common recipient of this fabric as it creates elegance and glamour with its fabric characteristics. Here are some of the best silk organza wedding dresses designs you can find and choose the right style for your very special occasion. Image 1 shows classic elegance  of luxe silk organza. This pretty ball gown with its hemline on floor length is adored with stylish ribbon and detachable flower broach highlights. A full A-line skirt with sweetheart rushed bodice, it is best for church, garden and outdoor wedding themes.   Image  1 via Flickr Image 2 via Flickr Image 3 via Flickr Image 2 is a washed silk organza wedding dress. With lace bodice and tiered organza ruffled skirt, its mermaid silhouette just give the impression of style and elegance summed in this perfect gown. Image 3 is a sensational modern ball gown defined by its silk organza ruffled skirt. With hand-ruched strapless empire waist bodice, this wedding dress is finished with small chapel train look. There are still other silk organza wedding dresses you could choose from for your special day, find the perfect style that defines your body and spells your personality.