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Nylon/Spandex Fabric

Is it possible to dye a nylon/spandex blend?  If so, what kind of dye would be most successful?  I am trying to change compression stockings from nude to navy.  The manufacturer tells me the stockings are entirely of nylon and spandex. By: Karen Abernathy

Rayon Spandex blend?

Greetings, My name is Dawne and I am in need of 95% Rayon, 5% spandex apparel fabric blend at 160gsm that stretches 4 ways. Typically what type of knit accomplishes this: tricot fabric, weft fabric, warp fabric and or jersey fabric? Thank you, Dawne By: Dawne

How can I remove color bleeding?

I have a blouse (98% poly/2% spandex) that is ivory colored with black sleeves.  Machine Washable and Bleachable. Hang to dry.  Have worn and wash many times with no problems.  Wore it with a jacket that I have also worn several times.  This last time I wore it, when I removed the jacket, I found that color had bled into the area around the armhole. I have washed it several times, using a stain removal spray, oxiclean, and bleach (separately of course). It has helped but still is quite visible.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance By: Lori Broadway

Looking for a fabric combo?

Looking for spandex on one side which is most likely the out side and latex from the inside.  But I want the material to be one fabric not two.  In other words, I need two materials in one, to be incorporated. Do you know if there is anything like it? Thanks MM By: MARIBEL MAYORGA

Dyeing Patterned Cotton Jacket Spandex 2%?

Hi dear Jennifer, I have read your 101 blog and found it very helpful. I just purchased a jacket cotton fabric 98% spandex 2% (not a knit fabric) with a very distinctive print pattern on it that I want to ‘overdye’ to dim down the print/colours a bit. The wash/care instructions on the jacket say “machine wash cold water with like colours only, non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low, warm iron as needed”. The pattern is just a bit too fluoro orange for me. Its multicoloured repeated circular pattern in fluorescent orange, pale apricot and dark brown and pale taupe (pale greyish camel colour) , all on a white background. There is not a lot of white showing through, but the 2nd main background is the taupe with some white also showing through. I know it sounds awful, but the pattern is intriguing and the jacket is a really good cut and was on sale I am thinking of dying the jacket a very pale pearl grey (I got a colour like this pearl previously with I think a blue based dying and I”m hoping a can find my earlier instructions. What colour dye would you suggest to tone down the pattern? Do I need to do cold water dyeing? like in the 101 blog? I understood the cold water dyeing is very hot water that is taken off the boil.  or will this ruin my fabric? Any other comments or suggestions also welcomed! There are also some metalic pieces (zip, cord ends) on the jacket. Hope you can help.   By: Ruth

how are fabrics produced?

I am a watercolor artist and need some fabric produced from prints that I make. I am not familiar with textiles at all. Basically I have 8 by 10 watercolors on watercolor paper …how would they take that, and make it into a fabric, specifically: lycra/poly/spandex?   Are there specifics I need to keep in mind when painting for sizes etc. that the art should be?     By: allison

Is it safe to wash pants that are labeled Dry Clean Only?

Is it safe to wash pants that are 73% rayon, 23% nylon, 5% spandex?   The label says dry clean but I have been told that I should be able to wash them myself. Thanks!   M By: Maggie