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Cotton vs Silk – in Velvet?

What advantages and disadvantages – in wear and appearance of men’s jackets – does silk velvet have in comparison to cotton velvet? Is it possible to discuss the characteristics of silk velvet without first identifying any amount of rayon added – I have read that often rayon is added in the production of silk velvet to reduce the price of the finished cloth – presumably rayon is cheaper than silk? By: Peter O’Connor


Hello My name is Kevin Fine. I was hoping that you might be able to give me a little bit of information in regards to a piece of fabric I have and what it might be worth. I was given a fairly large bed spread by my mother some years ago I think its a bed spread approx 7ft by 7ft . The fabric was purchased in the late 60’s to early 70’s from a place called american needlecrafts with a address of 979 third ave NY New York in the garment district. on the tag that accompanied the fabric it states MEDALLION CUT VELVET. The fabric is black with light blueish turqouise and gold medallions. It is extremeley heavy and absolutly perfect in condition all the edges are sewn and the bottom has a curved edgeing. Any help would be much appreciated as it is nice but not really my wifes thing so was intrested in possibly selling on .   Thanks Kevin  By: KEVIN FINE

Dyeing linen trousers black, Help!

Hi I am trying to dye my linen trousers, which were a light colour to black – I have used the dylon fabric dye, both for the machine and hand in velvet black, but my tousers are only turning a dark grey. What can I used to make them turn a deep black colour? Many thanks Amanda Cantillon By: Amanda Cantillon

Make your holiday dress quick and easy with Silk Knit Jersey!

One of our most popular fabrics is our Silk Knit Jersey which works well for any pattern that calls for medium stretch knit.  Over 40 colors to choose from, 60″ wide. Kirsten Longly is designing a beautiful dress combining textures and various types of fabric including our Silk Knit Jersey. This dress shows how well the silk knit jersey drapes. It is a very fluid fabric. Check out the dress in progress: www.kirstenlonglydesigns.com8/22/12 … concept was made for. There are three of these pieces in the collection each one of a differing material and slightly different make. Utilizing silk organza, rayon velvet, ruched velvet, crushed georgette and silk knit jersey.   RebbSew made her own design for a Christmas Dress and gives step by step instructions. This video shows you how to make a simple Christmas dress with silk knit jersey. the fabric i used is from Fabrics.net www.fabrics.net  

Uses of Silk Velvet

Uses of Silk Velvet All velvet fabrics can be dyed effectively with deep colors. Dark shades are preferred because it can highlight the rich pile of the fabric. Most often, silk/rayon blend velvet is used for flowing dresses and evening wear which emphasize its soft drape. Meanwhile, synthetic velvet made completely of acetate or rayon is less expensive and easier to care for and is often substituted for a silk/rayon blend. This type of velvet can be used for all types of soft garments. For both home decorating and clothing, cotton velvet is the most suitable. Vests, skirts, blazers and coats can be made from cotton velvet. It’s also used for costumes. The durability of cotton velvet also makes it ideal for home furnishings. Sumptuous bed coverings, upholstery, draperies and cushions can be made from cotton velvet.      

Removing an Oil Stain From Silk Velvet

Fabric Care: Remove Oil Stain From Silk Velvet What will you need? Non-alkaline, oil-free shampoo Soft white cloths How to remove oil stain on silk velvet fabric 1. Dab a small amount of shampoo to the oil stain. Work on a small area at first. Work from the outside of the stain toward the center to help keep the stain from spreading. 2. Rinse away the stain, either by dabbing water onto it with a clean cloth or dipping the stained spot into a container of cool water. Use just enough water to remove the shampoo — and the stain. 3. Dab the moistened area with a dry cloth. If possible, place the stained spot between two dry cloths and press gently to absorb water from the stained area. Remove the cloth and allow the spot to air-dry completely.   Tips & Warnings Apply a dab of the non-alkaline shampoo to an interior seam of the garment and dab with a white cloth to test for colorfastness. If you notice any color transfer, do not try to spot-clean the item. Instead, take the garment to a professional cleaner.    

What is Silk Velvet?

Definition of Silk Velvet Fabric Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel. The word ‘velvety’ is used as an adjective to mean “smooth like velvet”. Velvet can be either synthetic or natural. 100% Silk Velvet is very expensive and can cost several hundred dollars. This is why most velvet fabric have blends and one of them can be rayon.   Silk Velvet- Rayon Blend Rayon silk velvet fabric is a plush, supple and invitingly luxurious blended fabric with an excellent drape. Lighter in weight than many other velvets, rayon silk velvet fabric has a loose and full-flowing style that is sensual and inherently well-suited for formal wear, dresses, capes and wraps. Rayon silk velvet can be hand washed in cold water, but dry cleaning is recommended.