Taking Out Creases

I recently purchased some antique baseball pennants and had a couple questions. One of the pennants seems to have a coffee stain on it and I was wondering what you would recommend to take it out. Another one has a dirt/unknown stain on it and was looking for a safe and efficient way of removing it. I know this is a vague question, however I thought that you may know which products will work best with the pennant material, and which ones to totally avoid. Finally a couple of them have creases in them. I was wondering what the best way to take them out it is (I.E. ironing with a cloth on top? )
Thanking you in advance,

Carmine: The best advice I can give you, is to do NOTHING.
Leave them the way you bought them and enjoy them the way they are. Anything you do, can bring possible destruction to the fabric.
Good Luck,

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