Tan thru fabric?

Do you know if there is a fabric that enables you to tan.  I’ve heard of
tanning costumes.  What fabric is used?  Thanks

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  1. Judith says:

    So far it appears that the tan through fabric isn’t available in yardage but Kiniki at http://www.kiniki.com/index.php has swim suits available. I am curious how the manufacturer works around the elastic though because the elastic would need to be tan through too or there could be white lines wherever there is elastic. Has anyone purchased one of these suits and can comment here?

  2. Kirsten says:


    I haven’t purchased one of these but from my investigation here’s a few notes.  One is the material is called Microsol or Microsolv and is produced and the suits manufactured in the USA, Huraa!  The other thing is these are micro fibers.  So really this is a very fine mesh that allows the sun through and can have a printed surface.  A micro fiber of this caliber is about the size of one human hair or a little less from what I was reading.  They don’t behave like spandex or polyester and last longer than your traditional stretchy suits.  The only problem I found was trying to locate the manufacturer. (I think they are hiding so we won’t bombard them with orders)  Be cautious in wearing these garments though.  Different colors provide varying degrees of spf protection.  From what I could find out The spf is about a 6 rating which is pretty low, at least for me being part Irish.  Can you say Hello Lobster?  I’ll keep looking for the manufacturer though,  I would love to get a tour of their facility.

  3. Yam_72 says:

    How can I get hold of a manufacturer? Please leave a link if you know of one.

  4. Beverly Miller says:

    I need the source for microsol fabrics for a clinical medical research study, I have been looking for a long time and no one will reveal the manufacturing source. It is highly frustrating.

  5. Summer says:

    I want to make a few sundresses so that I can tan while hanging laundry or gardening. I used to still sun protective clothing, so I know that 100% cotton, tightly woven and dried to shrink provides just as much protection as the $6/ shirts I used to sell…

    If you want fabric for personal use, like me, you may try what I’m doing: getting some swatches, a big piece of dark posterboard and leave it outside a few days to see which one gets bleached out through the fabric.

    I’ll use clear elastic where needed… Buy again, I just want a few simple sundresses.