Tea Dyeing Method

I just purchased a white rayon and lace dress with intricate bead work I would like to get it to an ivory color. Is it possible to dye it using a tea dye method

Dear Cindy,
This is possible, but I wouldn’t advise using tea dye, and here is why. Tea is basically brown. No yellow, cream, or any other shade. A little bit of tea dyeing will yield a very light brown, not ivory (as I understand ivory).
Please read over my column for general caveats on dyeing of garments. If your dress is rayon with rayon lace, then you can move it more or less uniformly to ivory with a pinch of reactive dye. If the lace is polyester, it will not take the dye. Also, the thread with which the dress is sewn will not dye. With this small of a color value change, this may not matter so much. The dress must be basically washable in warm water and able to be agitated at least somewhat for uniform dyeing. If you are interested in an experiment, you may be in business. Get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study the directions. Write back if you have specific questions.
have fun,

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