Technical Fabrics and care?

I’m writing to find out the differences between technical fabrics used in workout gear, such as Lululemon’s “luon” or Lucy’s “powermax” fabrics. What exactly can they be classified under? Why can’t you wash
“luon” with cottons (they will pill)?

By: Corinne

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These are man made fibers. The structure of the thread itself, when produced or extruded, is spacific to its end weave and how it will behave against the body. Rather than being a round fiber it is tetrahedenol or angled with a groove running the length of the fiber. Pretty cool stuff actually. This alllows for the wicking property of the material. It pulls the sweat away from your skin to the surface of the fabric allowing it to dry. Because of it’s structure if you wash it with cottons it will damage itself and the cottons much faster than if you follow the care instructions on the tag. Pilling is the first thing that will happen, then the fabric will start to loose it’s integrety. This was a really great question!
    Thanks Corrine