Teflon Coated Tablecloths

Dear Andy,
I am a restaurant owner and am in dire need of stain resistant tablecloths. After much researching it seems that my best bet would be the Teflon coated kind. Living in Romania I cannot find these in person and therefore do not know how they feel to the touch. I want something that could pass as fabric. I don’t want them to feel like vinyl to the touch. Are these Teflon coated tablecloths the way to go? If so, could you recommend some sites with good prices.

Dear Gabriela:
The Teflon coating will not make it feel like vinyl. I know that Milliken offers a fabric as part of their Visa line that is also stain resistant, and used by many restaurants. Search at www.google.com and enter Milliken Visa and there are 32,900 listings for their product. A similar search of Teflon tablecloths only yields 1900 listings. Ask a supplier for a sample swatch to feel the fabric or purchase a sample cloth, before buying enough for your entire restaurant. Happy Cooking and Good Luck, Andy

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