The Beauty and Care of Linen

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From flower to fabric and flax seeds and linseed oil are just a few of the other benefits from this plant.  Linen fabric is very strong and very absorbent with the ability to absorb twice it’s weight in water.

Linen Fabric Types | Linen Beauty

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As we all probably know well – linen fabric or weave is produced of fiber of the flax plant. Its softness, natural origins, durability and strength, as well as its antifungal and antibacterial properties are the reasons linen fabric is

Many years ago, before we could buy fabric in markets, every household had flax plants growing in their gardens.  This flax was used to make linsey/woolsey, a very coarse fabric made with linen warp and wool weft or filling.  Our linens of today are very smooth and beautiful and yes it is true that 100% linen garments will wrinkle but the wrinkles indicate that the garment is a natural fiber.

Prepping For Spring: Summer Suit Fabrics – The Fine Young

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Wearing a suit can be brutal in the summer, a few quick ways to make things more comfortable are to have suits made in summer suit fabrics and shirts made in linen.


Since linen isn’t affected by the sunlight, drapes and curtains made with linen will not fade and degrade.  Five Linen Fabric Facts – Natural Fabric Store – Natalie Canning

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Natural linen fabric is something we all associate with quality clothing, curtains and bedding but I wanted to share five facts that you may not know about this wonderfully versatile natural fabric. 1. Natural fabric linen is created

And now a few words from the clever Kempt, one of my favorite blog sites:

Kempt – A Gentleman’s Guide to Dewrinkling Linen

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Linen‘s our pick for the perfect summer fabric—light, breathable, more rugged than you think—but the threat of intense wrinkling scares a lot of gents into cottonhood.





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