The Clothsline – A Book Review

The Clothesline, a book by Irene Rawlings and Andrea VanSteenhouse is not just about hanging your clothes on a clothesline, it is a delightful trip through memory lane. Add in a recipe or two for soap, delightful photographs by David Foxhoven and Jason McConathy and the result is a book that will make you smile.

From types of clotheslines to clothespins of today and yesterday to ideas for sachet bags, this little book covers many topics in whimsical, effortless writing. Remember hanging your linens outside or watching your neighbors hang their laundry? Perhaps, like me, you can remember bringing in frozen laundry to dry by the stove?

Clothespins as collectables or works of art? Certainly! You may be surprised and the variety and types of clothespins that have been designed and used since 1832 when the first clothespin was patented. This book has ideas for displaying your collection of laundry bags, dish towels as well as clothespins and other collections. Suggestions about storing vintage linens and fabrics can also be found in this book.

We recommend this book for gifts for others or for your own library.

The Fabrics.net Team

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