The Foundation for all Women’s Wardrobe?

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OK, your goal isn’t to walk the famous red carpet but do you want to look slimmer and younger by just changing one item of clothing?

It’s true, by getting the right fitting bra, you can look younger and slimmer!  Fit is so important and is something you can start online at The elusive bra fit – Fashion Magazine

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Today, along with the help of veritable bosom expert Jennifer Klein, owner of Secrets From Your Sister bra fitting boutique, I come to you in hopes of guiding you and through the often daunting world of properly-fitting lingerie

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The Huffington Post also has excellent  information on bra fitting including sizes that may be new to you.  

How A Bra Fitting Reintroduced Me To My Boobs And Made Me A

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Boobs and bras are hot topics here at HuffPost Style. Whether we are discussing the latest sideboob on the red carpet (we’re looking at you, Michelle Dockery), discussing how to best dress our own bosoms or debating how

How about a giggle for today?  Lifetime Television had a program, Double Divas that I hope will be back on soon!  Meanwhile, here is a short video:  Lifetime’s New BraFitting Reality Show Is, Dare We Say, Uplifting

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Lifetime has just premiered Double Divas, a new reality series that follows Atlanta-based bra fitters Cynthia and Molly, and, surprisingly, the show has its fair share of touching moments (there are some ridiculous moments in




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