The Many Shades of White

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A white daisy has different shades of white on each petal.  The shades of white are numerous, bright white, soft white, off white and the list goes on.  The caldesign-sidney has excellent examples in photos:  caldesign : fifty shades of white

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fifty shades of white. Cool whites, warm whites, there are so many different shades to choose from… Which white are you? Do you have a favourite? Happy Saturday to all. Catch up soon. Claudia xo. images the glossier nerd


Nomad Luxuries lists the top 18 colors of white as chosen by designers:  

50 Shades Of…White | Nomad Luxuries

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Who would have thought that there are so many shades of white to pick from- someone should write that book! Since we will be going with dark floors and Petar likes light-colored walls in general, I wanted to go with a creamy

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The Museum Textile Services has an excellent article on an 1875 Cristening gown and the results of laundry bluing used to remove yellowing from age.  The resulting article Out of the Blue has the before and after photographs along with suggestions to correct the bluing.

More about bluing and a recipe for making a Salt Crystal Garden:  Bluing – The Art of Science or the Science of Art? | CAPE Consults

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What is bluing? Bluing is a dye used to treat clothing that has yellowed with age and use. Here is copy from the website for Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing: “As home washing tips are passed down from grandparent to parent to child,


I saw a really pretty yarn wreath online and thought I would share the simple instructions: 

The prettiest Spring Yarn Wreath ever – embellished how you like it – Crafts ‘n Coffee

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The variegated yarn, in shades of lavender and lime, does the design work for you, layering on the stripes as you go. Thick, white craft glue. Kathleen used my favorite tip for making yarn wreaths fast – use a thicker yarn. The thicker the yarn you use, the faster you’ll wind your wreath.




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