The New Brains Behind Mugler

If you don’t read the fashion mag’s or web sites then you wouldn’t know who Theirry Mugler was.  I was introduced to his style when I was still in college by an ex-boyfriend.  I fell madly in love with his style and his abilities, Mugler‘s, not the ex.  When Mugler was still undiscovered in his early twenties he walked into the Café de Flore in Paris and was applauded, just for his personal dress and style.  Can you imagine?  Being applauded for what you wore and how you wore it?  Now that is dressing to impress!  Since then he has done for women’s clothing what butter did for bread.  The flavors and variety of his designs are not only outrageous but gorgeous.  He brought glamour to a whole new level and women look like women even in a bug outfit.  Yeah I said bug outfit.
Mugler has a way of redefining the female silhouette that is utterly unique.  He can be a bit out there sometimes but that’s an artist for you.  You have to accept the odd with the fantastic.  One of his books, FashionFetishFantasy, is one of my all time favorite books to peruse.  If I get stuck on designing I pick that book off the shelf and just flip through he pages.  I will usually get inspired by something I missed the thousand or so times I have gone through it before.
Here’s the kicker though.  The new brains behind the Mugler brand of clothing is a relatively young genius.  Nicola Formichetti, announced as the new creative director of the Mugler brand in the fall of 2010.  Just last year!  So when I find this out a tear rolls down my cheek, thinking that there goes one of my favorite inspirations, then I look at what Nicola has produced.  My jaw hit the floor.  It is Mugler reincarnated or revamped!  The expertise is all there, the ingenuity is all there, and its branching out.  Formichetti is Lady Gaga’s new clothing designer.  GaGa a force to be reckoned with all her own and combined with Formichetti, watch out world here come the monsters!  What astounds me is they are so young.  Who says this age has no motivation or get-up-and-go!  I just wish I had that much energy.  I don’t think down time exists for these young artists.  Its greatly encouraging to me to see what can be done.  I am inspired to work harder, create more and be more, I hope you will be too.

Another Book of Mugler’s work is, Thierry Mugler Universe Of Fashion by Francois Baudot.

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